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    XBox 0.2.10119.0

    Just updated too, looking for changes or release notes. Nothing found yet.
  2. Chris Augustin

    Item stuck in inventory

    So I have a partially filled stack of compound in my inventory, I can't create tethers or other items with it, nor can I drop it. If I add more compound to the top right spot, it can be used and I can create items - so one inventory slot is effectively unusable now.
  3. Chris Augustin

    Item stuck in inventory

    I'll give this a try, thanks!
  4. Chris Augustin

    Top of the Steam charts!

    Congratulations to the developers for this achievement! New Space Exploration Game “Astroneer” Hits Top Of Steam Charts
  5. Chris Augustin

    Top of the Steam charts!

    Yeah, I was disappointed with No Man's Sky. I can run Astroneer easily, looks great. NMS is significantly slow even on the lowest settings. Had a lot of potential but out of the gate, things just didn't work well.
  6. Chris Augustin

    Same world or different?

    This may be a silly question, but when you login via different astronauts, are they all by default on the same world? Reason I'm asking is one of my characters is glitched and I wanted to travel to my primary base via another character.
  7. Chris Augustin

    Is crossplay Win10/Xbox enabled yet

    Everything that I'm reading says it didn't make it prior to launch but will be there later.
  8. Chris Augustin

    Save Game idea, with details

    Good idea, I like to switch back and forth between my characters as I develop them and it's difficult to tell them apart just based on the time/date stamp.
  9. Chris Augustin

    my base

    Yay, nice shot!
  10. Chris Augustin

    Black Holes

    Since I saw the ability to pilot ships should be coming at a later date, this would be a great addition to exploration and incentives to craft better components.
  11. I recently created a new base on a flat landscape which had a lot of tall trees/plants. These ended up getting in the way of how I wanted to lay my modules out, so I dug them out of the ground and tried to move them. I had to use rovers to bump and push them until they rolled out of the area, but it took a long time as they would get stuck on top of my base structures. I had to dig more holes, prop them up, move push them around, etc.; until they were finally gone. I'd love to be able to use the winch to attach to the trees so I could easily drag them away.
  12. Chris Augustin

    Shared storage resources

    One of the things I'm struggling with at present is inventory management. Every module has 2 storage modules currently, so I can place a ton of resources. At times, I'll need to move large groups of specific materials to another module, so as a time save, I'll pick up the entire storage item itself and drop it on the module I want to use. Similar to how power can be shared among all equipment, I'd love to see a shared storage container be available that all fabricating modules could pull from.
  13. Chris Augustin

    Use winch on trees/large plants

    Ugh, silly me. Thanks for confirming I could do that!
  14. Chris Augustin

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    #1 happens to me quite often, I've had to become really careful about slipping through the world. #3 has also happened to me, the beacons seem to only go up so far, so I was behind a hill/mountain and it was blocked by the horizon. Having an overview map would be highly beneficial.
  15. Chris Augustin

    Movement of vehicles

    I agree completely, when I'm trying to turn around inside of a mine with a rover + cart I find it very difficult to maneuver.
  16. Chris Augustin

    Landing Pad

    Great idea, perhaps some add-on modules could include fuel tanks, which would refuel the ship. You'd still need to make fuel, but this way, you'd have a big reservoir.
  17. Chris Augustin

    Rover drill

    That drawing is spot on, nice work! You really captured what I was thinking regarding the angle to cut.
  18. Chris Augustin

    Rover drill

    I love using the rover to drive through caves since I can carry way more material out. One of the biggest issues I've had is trying to navigate steep inclines, as the ability to dig finely leveled ramps is a pretty difficult on Xbox. Since there's a mining drill available, what about a boring drill to put on the front of a rover or truck? You could mount the drill, set the angle either up or down and then begin boring.
  19. Chris Augustin

    Rover drill

    Good point about the size of the drill, given the camera is pretty far back it shouldn't be too bad. If that doesn't work, perhaps a way to secure the rover and lower a bucket to deeper areas. You could then extend tethers, send material up to storage areas, etc.
  20. Chris Augustin

    Spiked Boots + Spiked Tires

    Great idea, I find it difficult to drive over the uneven terrain after it's been mined in caves, would make it a lot easier to get back out.
  21. Great ideas, I was thinking the same thing today about materials being shared amongst different modules.
  22. Chris Augustin

    Xbox control settings lost

    Every time I load a saved game, the setting to invert the y axis that I have checked is lost.