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    Astroneer presentation at GDC 2017

    I've got a list created on Twitter with their whole dev team, so I can keep tabs on them pretty well. Stalker much? Eh. Just love the game. And a I'm in a Facebook group for the game with 2k members...So yeah, addicted.
  2. Chris Augustin

    Saw this on the homepage of Unreal Engine

    I hadn't, but thanks for sharing!
  3. Chris Augustin

    The Never-ending "Next Update" Speculation Thread

    I'm not experiencing any delays on PC even after exploring deep within planets, going to other worlds, etc. I wonder if there's certain hardware that plays better with the game in its current state than other hardware.
  4. Chris Augustin

    Moon base

    I finally managed to build a moon base over a crater, these pictures don't give it justice, but I wanted to share. Made copies of my saves before building, and it's a good thing I did because I had to start over a few times before getting it how I liked it.
  5. Chris Augustin

    Moon base

    Thanks, surprisingly only died once while crafting it.
  6. I've had that happen as well, the flame effects haven't been steady, they'd work occasionally.
  7. Watching a ton of videos on Youtube and everyone is stressing about flattening out the terrain. I struggle with this quite a bit, on PC/Steam, it's not the easiest so I never bother. So aside from aesthetics, does it help anything?
  8. Chris Augustin

    Flat surfaces...what's the big deal?!

    That's a good point, I've found it very difficult to drive out of caves even with a single rover unless I really sculpt the ramps, will have to try it out more!
  9. Chris Augustin

    New things finded in new Experimental Pacth

    I like being able to collect crash debris, great structure crafting toppers.
  10. I wanted to drop my information here in case anyone is looking to play, my primary platform is Steam but also have Xbox/Windows 10. Account: MrChrisAugustin Hope to see you in game!
  11. Chris Augustin

    UNABLE to join/host multiplayer with steam friends!

    Having the same issue here, so lonely.
  12. Same here, stopped trying until I see it's patched.
  13. Chris Augustin

    Multiplayer and glitches

    I've seen the first issue over the weekend, first time I played multiplayer and I got connected for a few minutes, got glitched and tried to rejoin. Time and time again, it went to single player and I couldn't join his game.
  14. Chris Augustin

    Next patch info!

    Devs posted updates on Twitter!
  15. Chris Augustin

    vehicle that have a drill in front

    Now that's a snazzy design! I love the treads too, I'd like other vehicles to have those as an option.
  16. Chris Augustin

    Best vehicle load out

    Great suggestions, I've taken the first suggestion and it has been working well. I've noticed the top heaviness as well, so using a truck + rover has been good middle ground so far. It needs something to offset the weight. I really like having a small rover handy to run down into caves and then transport stuff back out.
  17. Chris Augustin

    Best vehicle load out

    Just bought the Steam edition (already own the other) and I was hoping to get some advice. What does everyone recommend for vehicle load outs? I like using the truck and building a small convoy, I like to have storage shelves as well as spaces for research material. I find the driving to be very difficult at times, especially over rocks, where the whole convoy bounces around. What recommendations do you have for cross world exploration, with the most amount of carry space available?
  18. Chris Augustin

    Truck should knock over stalagmites

    I support this, I hate having to either use the rover to navigate caves or to dig out the walls to get a truck through. On one of the planets, the small stalk like plants were also impossible to drive through. A vehicle with such high ground clearance should be able to get through that fine.
  19. Chris Augustin

    Steam in home streaming control issues

    I'm using the in home streaming, controlling with keyboard and mouse on second PC. Someone suggested I activate the shape terrain tool but it had no effect. So, looks like the streaming isn't working.
  20. I recently purchased the Steam version of the game, because it has the ability to stream games via their "in home streaming" feature. I attempted to use it today to play on a collection of other devices and found when trying to move the camera around, the view just started spinning. Thinking it was a Steam issue or a host PC issue, I rebooted everything but to no avail. I've tried on multiple computers, in home streaming is not working for me with Astroneer - looks great, but can't control the game.
  21. Chris Augustin

    Application package/deployment tester - looking to help

    I reviewed the postings, they're looking for engineering talent so I figured I'd drop a line here. Will be submitting my information through the email as well.
  22. Greetings developers, hope you happen to come across my post. I'm currently playing Astroneer on Windows (UWP) and Xbox One and am loving what you've built. One of the key responsibilities I have at work is application packaging and deployment testing. I'm responsible for both overseeing and directly performing application testing across multiple operating system images/platforms, from Windows 7 to Windows 10; 32 and 64 bit. This includes new installations, full version upgrades, minor version updates and full regression testing. All of which involves comprehensive test reports to be created for application sign off, usually including screen shots, steps performed to reproduce the issue, etc. I've been a beta tester for other games such as Shroud of the Avatar, Neverwinter and even World of Warcraft - yes I know, ages ago. I would love to contribute to your project in addition to what I'm already doing by sharing in the respective bug and feature suggestion forums. Not sure what you're open to, but perhaps sending test scripts, feature change validation, or other areas. Hope to hear back, as your game sparks my sense of adventure and exploration and I cannot wait to see what the future will bring.
  23. Since the C++ requirement has dependencies of Service Pack 1 being present on Windows 7, if a machine isn't running that, Windows Update may be corrupted or not functioning. The Windows Update Troubleshooter is one of the best tools to use to remediate this.
  24. Chris Augustin

    Conveyor Belt for tether idea

    Great concepts, both the belt + silos and creating mining trucks. I typically build a small rover, pulling a second rover for mining exploration. With one storage unit on the lead rover, it allows me to take tons of material, in my backpack and the storage unit plus 2 research artifacts. This model has worked well but has its own limitations, IE ensuring ramps in deep mines are easy to drive out of.