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  1. Last night I managed to build my first shuttle and take off. I noticed there's two launch buttons, tied to X and Z I believe. What are the differences between them?!
  2. I've got multiple devices at home, my primary gaming desktop runs the game great and I can stream it via Steam to other tablets and laptops. I have a new laptop, core i7-8650U with 16gb of ram. It unfortunately has integrated graphics, Intel HD 620, and the game is slow rendering wise even with all settings on low. Are INI file customizations still a thing? Are there additional tweaking options coming?
  3. Ok. I've logged 6+ hours today given it's the launch day and I wanted to share my feedback of 1.0 so far. I'm currently on my third new game, reason being, the previous two started to get wonky with the quicksand bug, both player and tractor falling through the floor. Overall progression forces you off world, which I like, as certain resources aren't available on the starting planet. The tractors are great for mining in caves, but clear the floor, flatten things out, and close holes or else you'll fall through and face a severely difficult task of getting the thing out.
  4. Placing a vehicle bay on the launch pad doesn't let you create rovers. Haven't researched shuttles yet, but hopefully they work. Placing a seat on a platform wreckage locks it in place, you can't recover it. Small rover doesn't have a vehicle identification beacon, not sure if it did before or not. Debris can be scrapped, but wreckage platforms and modules cannot. Satellites cannot be scrapped.
  5. Wow, can't wait to jump in and explore. Abandoned spaceports and other structures are exactly what I've wanted, thank you so much!
  6. Yep, that is exactly what I saw, wasn't quite sure how to describe it.
  7. First off, thank you for the performance updates on Xbox; it's night and day. While playing tonight I noticed the storms are highly pixelated, they look like waves moving sideways; you can see the borders of the storms moving across the screen. The second issue I spotted was when using the smelter, a copper module was replaced by an aluminum but it failed to exit the top and go to an open spot. Instead it appeared on top of the existing node, still in the finished area. Both nodes were accessible so the items weren't lost. I tried taking screenshots but for some reason they didn
  8. This trailer is epic, thank you for posting. Love the extra at the end!
  9. All has been experienced in a new save, whenever there's an update I start from scratch.
  10. I cannot use a research module added to large rover, objects cannot be inserted. I posted a bug report.
  11. I wanted to share some feedback based on a few hours of playing the latest update, namely to see if I'm the only one seeing these or not and to make sure they're reported. 1. Entering rovers, especially the large, is very difficult. I press and hold the e key and typically the terrain tool will open instead of entering the vehicle. It's tough finding the correct spot to enter. 2. I created the research module, placed it on to a large rover and then tried to research items, nothing would slot into the research module so it appears to not be working. 3. Research objects are being
  12. I think I found a bug related to batteries, happens with both small and large while generating power.
  13. Thanks so much to the team for this experimental test, I figured I'd share my feedback here for discussion sake. I love the concept of T.A.R., the ability to craft specific resources that you need in a pinch without having to venture out across long distances is a good option. This adds support for multiple play styles, as some people are builders while others are explorers. The canister mechanics work pretty well, except if you have them attached to your terrain tool and try to load them into the sediment refinery - they're not detected, so you have to go to your inventory, tool, th
  14. BUMP I have a new gaming machine, which runs the game great - but I don't want to be confined to my office to play. I can stream other games, No Man's Sky, Skyrim, etc. fine but when you try to move the camera around, it spins uncontrollably.