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  1. I agree, maybe I should make a new model of the idea But with the idea you've stated, I think they are great
  2. I suggested this a long time ago .... ( was very bad at making model then ....) Maybe I show revive this post ......
  3. That's not a bad idea, it also make rovers that are modular easier to build
  4. I believe they have a modular rover in the works, not only that, but the cabling between them was a lot stiffer, not sure how much easier it is to connect ....
  5. I suggested a Rail like system a long time ago.... check it out ...
  6. LUL, do you know how many holes I've dug to keep up with storage for my materials ?!?!?
  7. (I was bored ........) The track would just simply attach to the rover via the red connection point 15min 3d model
  8. TRANSLATED: At the moment when you go down into the mine and look for resources, you have to return to the base each time to have a place in the backpack and to bring the unknown. It takes a very long time. I suggest adding something similar to a trolley or a teleporter. Please reply to this topic (Примечание: я использую google translate) Это огромная тема, System Era обсудила несколько идей от системы мини-карт к конвергенции. Также, пожалуйста, постарайтесь сохранить свой пост на английском языке в следующий раз, так что большинство может вас разочаровать. Но здо
  9. They are discussing the idea of being able to transport resources back your base from a mine... Other than your idea for infinite backpack space IDK
  10. So when my little brother and I player Astroneer together ( on the same network ) and one of us loads a new " chunk " of land, the game will crash for who ever is the second player. It's not consistent at all, sometimes it'll play nice, other times instant crash when someone finds some research. The Host is fine every time the second player crashed. It seems like the 2 games aren't communicating with each other on where research is .... The other problem is when someone digs resources, the other will just see whatever resource just floating...... Here is the log from my little
  11. I like the idea for aesthectics +1
  12. How bright is your screen to have that hurting your eyes. The game has vibrant ( somewhat bright ) colors in the game..... I don't see how this is a huge issue ( sounds like a complete douche )....