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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Loaded up a save from about a week ago and my brother's rover has become possessed and raise up the front until it gets to that point in the picture and then fully flips over and which point it settles down until someone flips it back over to use. At which point it becomes possessed again.
  2. My brother and I were playing co-op on Astroneer, and everything was just fine until we decided to land on another planet, in this case the Arid planet. I was the host, and was able to extend from the spaceship and build the platforms, and structures. My brother couldn't see anything, nor could interact with anything base related. He also could not see his dead bodies. When he quit the game, and then rejoined my world, he was also able to see the aluminum deposit which he had dug up. If he attempted to mine it, it would act like it would had it not been cleared, and he simply didn't get the resources. We both are using the steam version, and both were using keyboard and mouse. It seemed like we weren't synced up, or information wasn't being sent. Because that's what it looked like when I looked at his screen. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Play with co-op with someone. 2. Build a shuttle or spaceship and land on another planet. 3. Have the host start building a base. Pictures From His End: My Side: