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  1. Nafen

    Oxygen should not be infinite

    Oxygen nuggets last quite a bit if you reserve a storage slot or two for them, but since oxygen is infinite so long as you're tethered the usage cases of oxygen nuggets are very slim so often people don't realise.
  2. Nafen

    Craftable compass

    The compass is only there when you mouse over it so it's not as obstructive as slapping a compass 'bar' at the top of the screen. Also I feel like the oxygen/energy running out notes are just a sort of crutch and would eventually only show up for very new players, eventually being soft-toggled off after a certain amount of play time. The labels on items and buildings and the waypoints for beacons/habs/vehicles/players are somewhat required and are more helpful than obstructive, we already have a functionality of a compass by mousing over the player so crafting an item just to fit a compass permanently onto the screen IMO isn't really necessary.
  3. Nafen

    Oxygen should not be infinite

    Why do people think this would make it a 'constant' search for Oxygen? In games like this where you can research and build there is such a thing as infrastructure. You'd already start with some oxygen generation for free at your starting hab, but it would be down to you to build up a little more generation and storage of it just like you can do with Power. It's only when you leave for another planet where you don't get a free habitat that you might want to plan ahead. Hunger and other survival mechanics are already on the roadmap, this game is going to feature some form of challenge survival-wise so I don't see why people are so adverse to oxygen being one of the challenges. Of course, for the players who want a more relaxing game a creative mode is also on the roadmap
  4. I've noticed this, also sometimes the power nuggets seem to have really low weight/gravity and fall to the floor slower than a feather
  5. Nobody says you have to stand next to a fuel condenser for hours. You can just choose not to use it Also you don't need a fuel condenser to get off planets there is plenty of hydrazine on the starting planet and it is even more common on certain planets. If you find yourself on a planet stranded without fuel you can chalk it up to player error and lack of preparedness. Also calling people cry babies whilst crying is kinda detrimental to the argument.
  6. What about a beacon? Honestly the first time I landed on a new planet and then eventually decided to go home to resupply with resources I did so without the forethought to leave something that would leave a waypoint, but I eventually found the right landing spot again through trial and error just picking landing sites that looked sort of like the one I chose the first time (I chose to land just next to an icy mountain on the Tundra planet). A beacon is a really cheap tool and might still work from orbit since you have a clear view of the planet
  7. Nafen

    Craftable compass

    Something as simple as cardinal directions is inherent to exploration gameplay though, so it only makes sense for it to be built into the suit rather than something needing research/crafting/a backpack slot. Also since we can see the sun in the sky as well as other planets our heading can be somewhat 'gamed' at least on the surface of a planet. Also having a compass along the top of the screen seems it would go against the design direction of the game, with minimal UI etc.
  8. Nafen

    Add Lower Graphic Settings

    They are right there in options > graphics when you press Esc
  9. Nafen

    just 3 ideas

    Mouse over the pointy end of it till there is a blue selection circle, click and then mouse over what you want to attach it to and click again. Don't know what the button controls are on an Xbox so replace click with whatever button it is
  10. Nafen

    Add Lower Graphic Settings

    Have you tried playing on lower resolutions?
  11. Nafen

    Craftable compass

    I don't see the point of it to be fair, when you can already just mouse over your astroneer to do the same thing. You'd be using a resource to craft an item to take up one of your suit expansion slots just to fill the same utility that you already passively have .. I do welcome expansions to the navigation system as a whole including beacons/waypoints/mapping and then such things as scanning/prospecting but think the compass is good the way it is. Instead of this, they could just make it so that mousing over yourself in a vehicle will bring up a bigger compass overlay depending what size vehicle you're in. A compass in the expansion slot would have to do something more than just show cardinal directions in my opinion, such as blue blips for nearby players and red blips for possible hostiles etc.
  12. Nafen

    Oxygen should not be infinite

    I had a few thoughts on Oxygen in a couple of other threads. I'll just copy paste that second quote here since I later added more onto it since the forum wouldn't let me edit my post to add more. There was also a little bit of discussion in this thread where I gave a few ideas on oxygen being somewhat of a more finite resource: I think it's a shame that there are all these oxygen deposits and even replenishable oxygen 'nodes' dotted around the surface and in caves, but the usage cases of oxygen as a collectable resource are few and far between. You can argue that you can force yourself to not build tethers to make these oxygen deposits more valuable but that's a limit forced on the player by himself and for the most part I don't agree with this being necessary outside of doing specific 'challenge runs'. Rather than giving the player an arbitrary 'time limit' (30 mins for example) on the amount of infinite oxygen they start with, I'd rather say that the Habitat building itself (including the one you initially receive for free when you first start a new save and land on the planet) should have its own capacity for both power and oxygen that starts out full, so the player has some initial breathing room (if you pardon the pun ) when starting a new game. From there, the options for branching out in early game would be more dependent on the starting location. If there were oxygen deposits or replenishable nodes nearby when you started you'd be in luck and could focus on power generation or base expansion. Super early game, you can quickly gather up some compound and build 4 small solar panels for quite a good bit of power generation but unless you're actively digging a lot the excess generation goes to waste, which is a shame because the first day's worth of light can quickly fly by if you're assessing your new surroundings. If the habitat had it's own little capacity for power and capacity/generation capability for oxygen you'd have more of a reason to slap some early solars on it since it would still be storing up a little bit (maybe have this be something the player can eventually upgrade in later stages of the game) of power to fill up your own suit when you return to it and also very slowly building up a small supply of oxygen, giving you the option to head out without being tethered to the habitat even in the first few minutes of a new save. I do think that the habitat should have at least a tiny amount of oxygen production (using it's own power supply to fill up the oxygen whenever it isn't filled) so that the player isn't screwed should he land in a spot where there are no visible sources for oxygen. I think that the rate of oxygen generation should be roughly enough to supply a single player who is walking around but be at a deficit if the player is sprinting or jumping multiple times. With regards to multiplayer, if you are having friends join you at the start of the game there would be a further incentive to branch out in different directions to get at least a nugget or two of oxygen to plug into the habitat's storage slots so it can be slowly shared out to each player, since the initial habitat was only made to supply one human (then in the future we could have bigger habitat buildings with more than one 'seat', they would also have a better oxygen generation rate to cater for more than one human. Hope my ideas were at least legible, I often find myself starting off wanting to make a really short comment on an idea I had but as I type I think of more and more. But that's just because I really think that oxygen dependancy should be a core feature of the game especially in the early game, but having it as an infinite resources from the get-go is sort of detractive from the experience.
  13. I get this sometimes, it just hangs on the splash screen and doesn't seem to be doing anything, then I end process in task manager, launch the game again and it zips right into the actual game with the system era logo
  14. I printed a Habitat and placed it on my new planet so that I would know which landing area to choose if I left and came back (cause of the little home icon). I get back to the planet and find this...
  15. Nafen

    Making Concrete

    Base expansions won't always be as derpy when choosing their elevation is what people are trying to say, there's actually a change in the current beta branch that improves this.