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  1. Thats so stupid! Why even let the vehicle bay put two large storages? At least give us a way to remove one. Now my large shuttle is screwed. And I just filled it with hydrazine.
  2. Hi, just a suggestion to add a terrain anazlyer module for spaceships to scan the surface of planets for good landing sites. Another idea would be to add a remote launch feature so you could have a rocket launch and have it land on another planet remotely. Also add an independent rocket orientented launch station instead of the stupid vehicle station.
  3. Hi, I have two large storages on my large shuttle and i can’t launch it.
  4. I found this odd grappling/winch thing. I also got a crane but I do not know what it is supposed to do.
  5. anonvx

    Moving structures

    Hi, Can you add the ability to move the structures around? I poorly planned mine and I would like to rearrange but I can move anything.
  6. Hi, I got the game today and I went to play on my surface pro 4 (i5, 4gb ram, integrated graphics) and it loaded fine but when I try to move more that 10 steps the game freezes and my cpu usage drops to 8%. I then came home later and have played for 2-3 hours. I have experience several bugs. First is that tether lines disappear after each session. 2nd Rover physics are broke. 3rd there is dirt appearing around utilities. 4th when using the mining tool, I sometimes fall through the world until I get into a cave and die. I actually had a loop of this happening when I spawned. 5th the fps drops are crazy. My pc specs are fx-6300, gtx 1060 6gb, and 16gb ddr3-2400 ram. I also have windows 10 home. My cpu runs at 15C because I have a liquid cooler. Contact me if you need me to debug.
  7. I volunteer, I have FX-6300, GTX 1060 6gb, and 16 gb of ram.