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    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    The inhibitor disables the terrain changing function, so it won't dig, flatten, or add terrain. What it will do is clear the existing terrain of rocks, stalagtites (mites?), etc. Surface resources (organics, power, oxygen) and the surface exposed deposits of of other resources will be collected. Once it is installed, it's "on" - the terrain changing function is immediately inhibited. I found it was great for clearing out the big rocks and spires in caves to aid movement, and to grab up some extra O2 and power. The downside is that I haven't been able to figure out how to toggle it... if possible. Once it's installed you have to remove it to turn it off, and then stow it, so it effectively reduces the back pack capacity by one slot.
  2. The dismount/remount workaround only works for one charge cycle... have to do it every "day" to get it to charge the vehicle. I haven't tried any combinations of batteries, power sources, sites, etc. to see if there's a connection... I suspect the wind turbine not charging issue reported elsewhere is related to the root cause.
  3. Running Patch 131 via Steam... Backpack printed solar panel, mounted to large storage on a truck. Panel charges truck until sunset. At sunrise, panel follows sun, but does not charge. Dismounting the panel and remounting fixes issue.
  4. jtm.cmrc

    "131" - March 17th, 2017

    So impressed with this update... From the start menu interface (no more "double splash/pre-alpha screens") to landing a new game, my user experienced increased a thousand percent. Smoother feel, improved visual appeal, physics and interactions much improved!! Thanks!
  5. jtm.cmrc

    Battery Optimisation

    Glad I searched for this before suggesting it myself! Nice mockup, and I like the idea of limiting the stack size, but I think the top should accept a non-stackable item... perhaps 2 or 3 stackable batteries are permitted, after which the top battery behaves like a typical node (accepts anything other than another battery). I want to stack solar, wind, and/or generators on top!
  6. jtm.cmrc

    More than 5 Bays possible ?

    Nope, that's pretty much how to do it. I watched a couple of youtube videos on using the terrain tool, and it was very helpful. I did not know, before watching the vids, that the very center of the green circle determines the angle of the flattened region. I locate a surface polygon that has the angle and elevation that I want to use, place the digging tool on this surface so that the center pip/dot lies on this reference surface, and then activate the leveling tool. I'm using a PS4 controller, and walking the tool, rather than using the aim stick, is more precise.