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    30 Hours in.

    Just about the winch: I once accidentally knocked over my spaceship with the truck, and it wouldn't let me take off. I use the winch to pull it back upright, and everything works out
  2. Early in the game, I build a platform (Research) a few nodes away from the base, and use the gathered power resource (yellow) to power it. I found that once you used the yellow power resource to recharge the platform, at some point (sun down for me) the platform will stop getting power from the yellow resource, regardless if you place it on the habitat, node, or the platform itself. It will also stop receiving power from any connected power source except the power generation equipment (ie. generator, wind, solar) you place directly on the defective platform. Basically, using gathered yellow power resource to power platform would lead to platform "fall off the power grid" Attached in this topic is the save file right before the problem start. In the save, you will find a research station and some power resource already placed on Habitat and node. If you do a research (grab that ball of the tree nearby) and let the platform recharge using the gathered yellow power resource, it will soon stop recharging even if you use a generator on the habitat or node (falling off the grid). Love the game, continue the good work! AUTOSAVE_2_2017.01.15-11.04.25.sav
  3. 1. Allow the player to deconstruct/disable/recycle platform, vehicle, items 2. Allow naming and deleting of save file 3. In game notepad, viewable when player character is in Habitat. I apologize in advance if these ideas were already mentioned, or already in progress.
  4. Ha Ha Ha that actually happened on my game too, but I also see my truck that disappeared from the moon is now floating in space (I can see the vehicle beacon in the middle of space) so I thought Astroneer is just have its pre-alpha tantrum lol
  5. Have the same problem here, I build the extension in 1 go, left the planet, came back with more resin and resource to build the buildings, and none of them get power from the habitat. They all now have their own solar panel but its annoying.
  6. I apologize in advance if this is a known bug. Bug: 1) When retrieving tether by holding SHIFT + LEFT CLICK, sometime the tether would go simply disappear. 2) Digging and filling ground under player feets would sometime result falling thru the floor. Suggestion: 1) Allow fast forward in orbit screen, 2) Allow item/building destruction, 3) allow save naming/deleting option, and a notepad (maybe makes it so you can only read your notepad when you are sitting in home base habitat) Thanks! Just got this game yesterday after seeing some YouTuber playing it, already 18 hours in haha