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  1. Wow never thought of that! Big ups dude, now I have more excuses to continue playing haha!
  2. LaiNn

    Housing/Shelter system

    That's something I thought of too, but I feel like that would complicate the whole game, I think one thing that this game stands out from other competing titles is it's simplicity. But if they use the rust style of building whilst maintaining the simplistic aspect, I think it would work too
  3. The thing I hate the most is sitting inside the habitat waiting for storms to end and not being able to do anything. While this can be solved by building a "shelter" with terrain blocks, it doesn't look good and takes too much time. So, I thought of a pretty cool housing/shelter system. The system will involve a few parts: Firstly, the base panel. The base is essentially just a flat "pad" that has nothing but a floor panel. The base can be built from the extension ports, much like printers, researchers etc. However, when building the base, you can select/customize the dimension (Example: You can choose from 2x2, 2x4, 4x4) Then there would be a "holo image" of the base pad when selecting the dimensions, much like the "holo images" when building a vehicle. Secondly, building parts. Different steel panels, walls, chairs , tables and other furniture can be researched and printed in the printer. Every single building piece would have a 1x1 dimension. Once printed, the parts can then be placed/built on the base panel. Think of it like building in minecraft, but only the positioning of the blocks. I will go over the building process next. Lastly, actual building. Like I said, the way things will be built will be something like minecraft with each building part being 1x1 dimension. When approaching the base panel, there will be a button to go into "building mode", in this mode, you can move things around on the base panel. You can then place the building parts mentioned above onto the panel, you can rotate the objects by pressing R when the object is selected and left click to place it. Once you are happy with your creation, exit building mode by pressing the same button and your creation cannot be changed, unless of course you go into building mode again. That's all for my idea, feel free to leave a comment if you got some better ideas for some of the parts. And great job on the game, I'm really enjoying it , hope to see this idea being used in the future, thanks!