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  1. Ive has a couple of the same problems but i keep getting old saves and im tired of it i delete my save after every update and i keep getting my old worlds back.
  2. In use on xbox one Span of 3 days What happened is 3 days ago i deleted my world for the new update and i played with my friend for 2 days and now i load up the world and i am now on the map i was on 3 days ago.
  3. This man hates this game, I intact love it if mean it's pretty hard to know that a prerelease game is THIS good.
  4. I found my truck underground before when I thought it was deleted I was just in this HUGE cave and I see a truck and I was like wtf.... then I saw the storages and noticed it was my truck...... it's amazing what you can find underground in astroneer.
  5. Thanks! Me and a budget came up with the idea because we split up half the solar system and Terra was the mining/resource planet we were flying around the planet and I was like "what if we could make a space base" then he thought of the titanium thing.
  6. I agree, roads would be great if hate hitting a hill just to try to jump it then my vehicle derp out.
  7. Basically a base in space but you have to use the 3d printer to make a space hub (1 titanium 1 copper) and take it out into space using a space shuttle or ship and place it thus being able to build space station parts using a part builder (2 titanium) which can be used to build hallways and buildings (smelter research e.c.t) the hallway recipes could be Straight = 1 titanium Turn = 2 titanium Building = 2 resin plus the building craft cost The reason I chose titanium as my main resource here is because I'm normally stuck with lots of it and it gets quite annoying.