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  1. can anyone tell me what happened after patch 125 in February? I am lost after that.i was hibernating waiting for bug fixes and stuff how are things looking anything major?
  2. Compile all the major updates since patch 125 except the bug fixes only things which were added
  3. its a glitch.just make it thick as he said.i never had a problem.i would just sit inside a seat.and nothing hits me
  4. i finished the game thrice.and now I have tried mods to make it fun but it won't help..
  5. i posted how to do it.everyone copied me
  6. Hey.... wyvyrias just closed my topic and gave me this link.but the stream time is from 4pm to 5pm est which is 1:30 am in the morning for me.thanks...
  7. the game has become a bit boring.yes i know,i know that it is pre alpha and what not and updates are coming you have to wait,that's what you signed up for blah blah.but it is not interesting anymore.will be back in a month from now.see where the game is
  8. the game is pre alpha.expect the bugs.and why is your skatepark so rough make it smooth with the smooth tool
  9. the heavy industry truck looks like it will be used for travelling with research stuff and resources
  10. so recently after.doing almost everything i can do in this game.i realized, that i have finished what is there in the pre alpha.and i need to wait for the next update with more i went on the wiki and researched and found some things in the game which can't be i installed a mod(please don't hate me it was for experimental purposes) and i got a geothermal module this thing and i read that it needed a i went on the moon and tried it but it didn't i looked in a video and saw that the vents in the video were really big and mine vwere where do i find the bi
  11. This was bragging hahah. i can brag cause of this image.