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  1. steam windows 10 gtx 1070 msi i7 4790k 16 gb ram i can get into the new art of smelter
  2. Kys~

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    this is not how planets work .
  3. Kys~

    die bug

    when i die and i have something on my hand i spawn with the item or artifact on my hand
  4. Kys~

    Tethers Fps Drop

    After 10 hours playing at my save . my fps started to drop from 40-60 to 10 or 7 fps. I started google for my problem and i figure it out that it was the tethers because before i placed a lot of them to link 2 bases and i did big cave explore . I removed the tethers all of them . ( i think ) and now my game is running on 30 fps (sorry for my bad english I believe u understand the point)