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  1. Alhassan Manhal

    frame drop

    For some reason after i've been playing for a while whenever i put down a tether my game freezes and then starts again.
  2. Alhassan Manhal

    Astroneer Tribute in Gran Turismo SPORT

    i should do this in forza 7 for one of the buggies. then it would be like a moon rover
  3. Alhassan Manhal


    Thanks for letting me know. I couldn't reply because I haven't been on the forums for a while Post#1 I was wondering why some tags appear purple on certain posts. Post#2
  4. Alhassan Manhal


    Why do some topics have a purple title?
  5. Alhassan Manhal

    Alpha Build Discount

    Yeah it would be silly
  6. Alhassan Manhal


  7. Alhassan Manhal

    Framerate Lag on xbox one

    I just hope they update the xbox version more often since the PC version is stable now
  8. Alhassan Manhal

    Alpha Build Discount

    Don't you get the full game when it comes out since you bought the alpha?
  9. Alhassan Manhal

    Framerate Lag on xbox one

    Try using a rover instead, the game runs much better. Also I want to see how low I can get the frame rate so I'm also building a spaceship instead of a shuttle.
  10. Alhassan Manhal

    Robotics Bay

    Maybe the drones can take items back to your base if you are lost.
  11. Alhassan Manhal

    For XBOX users

    The PC version is fine as it is right now just please fix the xbox version it is unplayable.
  12. Alhassan Manhal

    Framerate Lag on xbox one

    Once i built the truck the frame rate dropped by 10. That takes out the whole exploration aspect of the game because getting around on foot is slow and if you find something you can research it would take too long to get back to base
  13. Alhassan Manhal

    Base Like a Pro

    at least when the game comes out it will be much better
  14. Alhassan Manhal

    Base Like a Pro

    I don't think you can.
  15. Alhassan Manhal

    Base Like a Pro

    I would love to do this but my game is already lagging with one truck and I'm on xbox so I can't do anything about my machine to make the game run better.