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  1. Yeah, I've been meaning to make a concept illustration for this one. I think it'd be pretty cool
  2. I posted this on steam a while ago, and it's starting to pick up heat over there.Looks like people are really into the Terrain Terrain tool upgrade idea.
  3. Oh yah, neat -- I didn't think about expanding it from the sides this way, hah. Offtopic, I have a few more ideas in this theme that I'll illustrate soon. Stay tuned.
  4. Hah, yeah -- the process you've described it is how I envisioned most of these being unlocked, with the ones denoted as Default are what are currently in the game.
  5. I made some research concepts that I thought would be pretty cool. Basically, we are able to upgrade our Suit, Backpack, and Terrain Tool through research, and then select one upgrade per category to enable based on the scenario. Each upgrade has pros and cons when compared to the other upgrade option counterparts. For example: - I could upgrade my Backpack to have a toxic filter (pro), but the oxygen tank capacity is decreased (con). - If I'm doing heavy exploring with no tethers, I could opt for a larger tank with more oxygen to roam more before needing to return to base (pro), but my move speed is decreased (con). Enjoy!