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    Truck driving mechanics

    Oh I see, you like them so anyone who doesn't has a problem? Thanks for that nugget of wisdom Martin.
  2. Joncon

    Truck driving mechanics

    Yeah you're not alone in disliking the vehicle controls. Some people like them, no idea why... But I believe it's on the list of things to fix, probably (understandably) not top priority at the moment though.
  3. Joncon

    Flat land

    The problem with creating "flat" land is where you are on the planet. Let's start with some definitions (courtesy of Google): Flat: having a level surface; without raised areas or indentations. Smooth: having an even and regular surface; free from perceptible projections, lumps, or indentations. Horizontal: parallel to the plane of the horizon; at right angles to the vertical. So "flat" and "smooth" are pretty much the same thing, but when people here talk about flat land what they really mean is flat/smooth AND horizontal. The "horizontal" bit here is important and is the root of the problem. This guy gives a good explanation of why you can't create flat land just anywhere on the planet: He claims there are only six places on the planet where you can create flat land. However, we already know that that you can create a smooth surface at 45° to any other smooth surface. So, between these perpendicular planes, it should also be possible to create adjoining planes at 45°. Which means ... if you did manage to flatten a whole planet perfectly (now there's a challenge!) you should get something like this, which gives us 26 places to create flat land: So when you're trying to create flat land (perfectly horizontal) you need to be right in the middle of one of these planes. Anywhere else and the flat land will be sloping (with regard to the horizontal) one way or the other. I imagine that on a smaller planet it will be more of a problem, as being away from the centre of the plane will mean the flat land is on more of a slope than on a bigger planet. That's just my theory anyway , if it makes any sense ...
  4. Joncon

    Legitimate challenge/question for you guys

    Air resistance is the least of your worries. The problem with this is that the longer your slope is, the steeper it gets, because the angle between the road and "straight down" to the centre gravity of the planet decreases. Eventually you'll get to the stage where the slope is too steep to gain any traction.
  5. Joncon

    Lag problem

    It's a known issue which affects everybody. This is one of the priority bugs which will be addressed (at least partially) with the next patch due next week apparently.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're difficult, they just feel a bit "fuzzy". Virtually every game I've played where driving is involved uses the same tried and tested controls - forward to accelerate, back to decelerate/reverse and left/right to turn the wheels. The vehicle physics don't help either as they seem to slide around on the ground. It just doesn't "feel" like driving a vehicle to me, more like walking as a truck ...
  7. No, I think they're awful. I'll be very surprised if they don't change them or at least add conventional vehicle controls as an option.
  8. Joncon

    Trade Platform Fuel Exploit

    Just my opinion, but I don't like the trade platform or the fuel condenser, at least in their current forms. I refuse to call them an exploit though, because that sounds like cheating and I think that if something is in the game by design, then you should feel free to use it. Anyway... First the fuel condenser - I know it's a game and doesn't have to be scientifically accurate, but "magicing" rocket fuel out of thin air just with a bit of electricity seems a bit silly to me (yes I know, so does terraforming with a souped up leaf blower, but that's cool so I can live with that :)). Some have mentioned having to use organic to create the fuel. That sounds sensible - I mean what else is organic used for? Does anyone use the generator? And the trade platform - maybe this could come into its own if this game becomes massively multiplayer and there's an in-game economy. But at the moment it just seems to make it too easy to get hold of rare resources. You want lithium for batteries? Better go and explore the solar system then! But no, you can stay where you are, hook up a shitload of fuel condensers and have your lithium on no time. Who's buying this hydrazine which is so easy to make anyway? I know the trade platform is useful when relocating to a new planet - for trading coal, titanium etc. for compound and resin, and I think that's a perfectly valid way of using it. But that just seems like a workaround to a problem which could have a better solution. What I'd like to see instead is a resource/cargo shuttle - similar to the trade platform, but it allows you to store and retrieve resources from your orbiting space station. That way you can land on a new planet, build your cargo shuttle bay and send for a delivery of compound/resin etc. At least you're not starting over again on a new planet - you'd get a better sense of progress as your game progresses and you build a stockpile of resources.
  9. Joncon

    My experience

    1. Yeah there are only so many landing sites available - marked by the transparent "domes" on the surface. Is that what you mean? Maybe in the future we'll be allowed to cruise over the surface at low altitude and choose to land anywhere we like. 2. Others have mentioned that it can be quite tedious having to stop playing every few minutes. I think the storms are a good idea, but maybe need a rethink as they do seem to be too easy to shelter from which makes them more of an annoyance than a real threat. I find digging holes to shelter in works fine as well, so I'm not sure why you're dying so much. 3. I agree with you here, it feels like driving on ice. The driving controls should be the same as every other game i.e. forward makes the vehicle accelerate, backwards makes it brake/reverse and left and right just turn the wheels. I think the devs have just copied the control method of the Astroneer here so that vehicles just move relative to the camera position. Hopefully this was just to save time and improvements are in the pipeline. 4. The vehicle bay doesn't work like the printer. What you make in the printer can be grabbed and moved around. However, vehicle bay improvements are permanent fixtures on whatever you print them on. So it sounds like you had the lander in the bay when printing the crane. If you want the crane on a truck then the truck needs to be in the bay when you print it. If there's no vehicle there then that won't be an option. I'm guessing that's what happened there. Don't forget, this is still an early access game so there will lots of annoying/broken mechanics in the game, so a lot will change.
  10. Joncon

    Can i run Astroneer?

    Here are the specs I'm running on: NVidia GTX 660 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz 12 GB RAM I get 60 FPS when starting a new game, although that does decrease over time - but that's a known issue that the devs are working on. So I think you should be able to run it fine.
  11. Joncon

    Backpack UI

    OK he didn't explain what he was doing in that video but here's what I think is happening: To automatically put stuff in your backpack your do a shift-click, and the item will go into your backpack as long as you have the necessary space. To take stuff out of your backpack you use the trade platform - you click on the empty cargo spaces and an item will be transferred from your backpack. It's useful when your in your base but obviously not while you're out in the field exploring and mining. It's a workaround but I still think the backpack needs some work.
  12. Joncon

    Backpack UI

    Couldn't agree more! That interface is awful when you're trying to move stuff around. If you're crafting from your backpack then fair enough, but a lot of the time you're trying to move resources from there to your storage/smelter etc.. Maybe make the backpack dragable when it's opened?