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  1. Electrical storm - shorts out everything for 3 day cycle
  2. Well I have huge basis not just these small ones I do for fun - but big bases on multiple planets - no FPS loss - but soon as tethers go down - I have huge FPS drops
  3. it does work but I think if its mounted to a truck like I have - that the radius should be bigger!
  4. everything on the truck base works
  5. actually in many peoples play of the game say the same thing its not my only research its a lot of people - tethers cause FPS drops
  6. less resources, more survival aspect like asteroids hitting planets and damage to structures and vehicles .... I know the game is new - but I just want LESS EASY lol
  7. usual problem is that the station went to low and there is a bug that makes it not receive or give power anymore. What I mean is the station built its self lower then the other stations.
  8. above a lot of people told you truth, tethers bring huge FPS drops - don't use them - my secret is 4 ALT tanks and a filter on the ready to make - filter will recover all tanks and still give u about a min left. Compound is found everywhere so using this way will make it so you can run around the entire world and back at your base - easy! Also after not using tethers, if the FPS drops - restart the game and it should fix the fps issue. Also another one I do is - don't dig up the deadly plants just dig around them - dead stuff doesn't disappear so just leave them alone. Also ther
  9. I call this my star base - its on top of a mountain - but issues happen when one of the things I made wont accept power so I trashed it..
  10. iv learned some tricks for FPS loss - one of the big ones is not to use Tethers - causes FPS drop
  11. I also have some tips ,I use and is a lot better, I do a 4 tank and a main tank system with a filter on the ready to make, once all 4 alt tanks are empty - fills them all up... plus compound can be found anywhere.
  12. Batteries and solar panels all you need, if in the tunnels all you need is the wind turbines and batteries