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  1. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    How to use dynamite?

    This contains a little info about dynamite.. I suggest you actually follow the forums lol..
  2. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    More video settings [graphics]

    First of all, game was not designed for low end pc's when made.. Second, depending on your graphics, you can actually change the game's settings, reply for info if you want it.
  3. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    what is it?

    yes it is a rib i've found 3 of them, pretty dope idea do add those, would be interesting to see what the devs are gonna come out as an idea with them.
  4. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    Well, this is unexpected..

    yea i know it is a small studio of 6, but nelson is one person keeping his game with scheduled updates so lets trust them they can do it also!
  5. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    Well, this is unexpected..

    So while wandering around in caves I found this As you see it is another astroneer, but up close it is this Yup, a dead one, but hey he had dynamite?? (First time seeing it). First test of dynamite 1 (result: 2) Second test of dynamite 1 (result: 2) So if you happen to find one of these, make sure to stick them deep underground in order to have effect, otherwise it will just flatten out the top part of the ground around it. PS - not sure if it kills. Also interested to know, how and where can I find the next update of the game if it is periodic (every week, or every 2 weeks [something like Unturned]) @Wyvyrias expecting answer, since it seems you're the most educated about this stuff lol PS-2 - share ur thoughts about the dynamite, is it usefull, is it not, also will GeoThermals be added to the steam version? (Would be cool if there was a way to enable them for singleplayer)
  6. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    Base Like a Pro

    Ah I see, will try to do it next time btw has anyone tried do 8x small solar panels provide energy faster than 1 large panel? ps I see you also have that glowy thing from the Arid planet
  7. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.


    its simple m9, just live in close to russian speaking country (in my case I'm from Bulgaria, and Russia isn't that far at all) Or play a lot of russian games ;d
  8. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    Things you might didn't know you can do.

    Depends on what you're looking for :v If you want it to be more challenging then dont build them, but if you dont want it to be challenging then do build them.
  9. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    Base Like a Pro

    Yup I was going for a grid one, problem is after the first resin extend and then the one for 2 resin the module grows and if it collides with another one it bugs the hell out of both and breaks them for somewhat reason ._. so in all honesty I was trying to make them so they dont glitch one through another and end of bugging both.. Plus all that fuel is now wasted for extending the base to gain more energy (planning on extending it a lot so I can place few solar panes or wind turbines and have a 24/7 energy source ;d
  10. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    Base Like a Pro

    You guys made me jump in the game and sceenshot my base... Excuse the lower graphics, I actually played with the game settings a lot to be able to play the game..
  11. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    Things you might didn't know you can do.

    That one was already known after I checked the wiki of the game I suggest you do that, also ignore the tethers because they're gonna hurt your fps a lot. Make sure at the start you make a research and only research stuff until you get trading platform and fuel condenser, then the game is pretty much finished for you, because you can generate infinite amount of resources with those two.. Right now I have 4 fuel condensers and 2 trading platforms and a crap load of fuel to trade.
  12. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.


    Basically, he suggests to add structures that allow you to live in and keep you safe from dangers, or something like that (my russian isn't the best).