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  1. I actually started a topic about this as well but this one had gained much more traction so here was my idea:
  2. i don't see that big of a problem with this. I think if you tweaked the features of the drones you could have awesome potential without taking away from the exploration. Like if you had two bases on the same planet you could have a drone that would slowly lay down a road from one to the next. There really isn't a problem with automated mining. The problem is that there needs to be end game content that requires a lot of materials to craft. Like 10-20 resources or more.
  3. It would be cool if it was the one you are launched from at the beginning of the game and the crashed parts on the planet could be used to add more areas/modules
  4. I think this could be a fun solution for mining cave networks and could provide a new game mechanic for future content. If there were a small mech vehicle/power armor suit in the game with storage slots on the back and open utility slots at the ends of the arms, like the slot on the crane, it could easily get into cave networks and smoothen the process of mining. The truck and crane would still have functionality as surface mining tools while the mech could easily traverse the underground obstacles. Hand utilities would obviously include the drill head/ some type of crafted mech terrain tool but this could open a door to lots of content. For instance the utility/storage slot on the back could have a jet pack that could also be used on the truck and car as a temporary speed boost. The wench could serve as a repelling tool for the mech. If enemy NPC's were introduced, a weapon could be crafted and affixed to the mech arm. I'd love to see what other people think of this idea.