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  1. Paul Duesterheft

    Hoarders Challenge

    Wow very impressive!
  2. Paul Duesterheft

    Screw this Game

    Maybe Astroneer deleted his keyboard as well?
  3. Awesome pic WhosTog, it is indeed a gorgeous game!
  4. Paul Duesterheft

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    Xbox One player here and that worked for me. My saved game was still sluggish after the patch, but I have now advanced to about the same point in a new game and the lag has decreased substantially. Hope it helps!
  5. Paul Duesterheft


    Excellent idea, they would make the perfect scout vehicle!
  6. Paul Duesterheft

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    Loving the game so far guys, it has officially sucked me in! Seeing the Road Map has me incredibly excited for the future of the game, keep up the amazing work!