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  1. Ken Sanderson

    How to SPACE STATION 2k17!

    Omg it seems they would do this, i mean i hope so.
  2. Ken Sanderson

    Yellow Power Cells not charging anything.

    Ive had this happen 2 me once and stopped but it could happen again, so yea lol.
  3. Idk how 2 properly do this but whatevah, when i go driving in the truck 2 look for stuff 2 research around a planet away from my base exploring, it gets annoyingly slow, loading stuff in slow like plants and rocks and stuff (Like the fps is sh*t) and when i get out of the truck & get back in.. It starts 2 save and my game freezes and then it crashes.. Thats it lmao, if i have spelling mistakes that annoy anyone reading this then oops, im dyslexic.. So please leave this FAS kid alone, not saying dyslexic people (like myself) r FAS.. Just this particular dyslexic person right here.. Is, LMFAO, fyi please don't delete this post or report this post because i worked really hard on it ;P thank u dearly p.s. Dont hate me.
  4. Ken Sanderson

    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    Oh damn ur right
  5. Ken Sanderson

    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    YES!! Cant wait until that "performance" update so i can play it without stupid fps drops, but thankful for this update.. THANKS.
  6. Ken Sanderson

    Base station/Dome (space base station/Dome)

    OMG I love that base so much more
  7. Ken Sanderson

    Slow FPS

    Are u playing on xbox?
  8. Ken Sanderson

    For XBOX users

    Oh god u mean the xbox one version of the game is always gonna have crappie fps?!?! IT is just buggy right? And those can be fixed, And its not the fact that the xbox doesn't have the secs 2 handle it? Because if it is just bugs then i can wait 4 an update 2 fix those bugs, But if xbox cant handle the game then crap, i don't have a good computer 4 that! :*( or maybe im just jumping 2 conclusions, Besides i don't know much about secs and stuff.
  9. Ken Sanderson


    I heard that they r gonna add that in the future.
  10. Ken Sanderson

    Easter Eggs / Challenges

    Thats actually a thing?!!? I seen 1 of those! Im gonna try.
  11. Ken Sanderson

    Mysterious underground crashed satellite

    Hey ive heard of that, the devs r obviously space fans #EstersEgg
  12. Ken Sanderson

    generators concept

  13. But what im trying 2 say is this game has potential 2 be something greater and live on for years..
  14. YES, so far they done awesomely good, this could be a new minecraft but nothing like it, except 4 the survival part but thats it...
  15. Ken Sanderson

    Minor Quality of life improvements

    I like ur thinking.