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  1. I like the boring idea (haha, using a bore tool). I would be nice to be able to drive into a cave and not have to get out to remove the stalagmites all the time...
  2. In my game, mining with the drill is really fast and I enjoy it but for a few challenging intricacies. When you collect resources it directly fills slots on the vehicle which is great and a reason I like using it, however I have found in nearly impossible to get it just right so that I have collected a complete unit but not gone over into another. The reason this is a problem is that the resource occupies that space and can not be removed until it is a full unit which leads me to having several spots on my vehicle storage permanently occupied by partial units of resources that I can't ge
  3. First off, I love the game. I played have played for 41 hours so far and can see so much potential! Couple bugs I have run into playing on Xbox one... A crash that sends me to the dashboard of Xbox when I try and get in a vehicle or Habitat. It doesn't happen every time but probably once an hour (1/10 times) this can be troublesome especially if you haven't saved in a while and you never know if you are going to crash when trying to save it. After I die and it spawns me at my base, it often spawns me floating underground where I fall to my death again. This is problematic when I ha
  4. Thanks @Peacekeeper that looks really smooth. I am playing on Xbox so I don't think we have the same functionality but using the storage on the Trade Platform is helpful. I still feel like it would be nice if the backpack snapped to a corner (Top left makes the most sense to me) to allow you to see what you are doing without having to orient your character first.
  5. Hello, I am not sure if someone already brought this up but it seems to me there could be a better way of displaying the backpack when you access it. When I am trying to unload the backpack it always seems to be in the way. I have gotten used to turning the screen to get it out of the way but I think it would be better if it always popped into one of the corners of the screen so you could see what you were looking at and move things around.