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  1. toggle alignment mod

    That's EXACTLY what I'm complaining about. That's a terrible way to do it. It needs to be an active toggle.
  2. toggle alignment mod

    The alignment mod is pretty handy, but could we please get some way to toggle between horizontal and vertical? It's really frustrating when I'm trying to level out a section of ground, but the target area is just a little too far away and it auto-selects making a wall instead.
  3. Can't make Printer due to clutter / building locations

    Base layout is one part of the game that you eventually figure out with some practice. I like to create a line of small nodes off my habitat, and create the bigger platforms at an angle from there, kind of a "fishbone" pattern. Like this: Of course, there a lot of possibilities, and everybody likes their base set up different. Try a few different ways, just remember to always leave an opening where you can extend more, because you'll want more platforms, and you'll want more small nodes to hold storage as you collect stuff.
  4. It is activated. It's been around for a long time (I've used it in the small generator before). It's just broken in the current patch.
  5. Undefined purple item

    It's an organic. Not all organic nuggets are exactly the same color. (Haven't you seen the cube ones? Those are a different color too.) The anglers/cave fishers drop organic nuggets sometimes when you kill them. This isn't a new thing. They've been doing it since the anglers were introduced. Besides, take a close look at your own image... Organic is green with purple highlights. This one is purple, with green at the center. Just seems like it's broken at the moment. (I have 350 hours in the game too.)
  6. Undefined purple item

    Those things sometimes drop an Organic when you kill them.
  7. Question to System Era

    Something like that might be really useful once they start putting in extreme weather. They could still keep things simple, too. It could be a "hologram" HUD that can pop out in front of the astroneer, like the backpack pops out behind them. It could have basic info on it, and maybe even some basic navigation tools.
  8. New Item (or broke?)

    Looks to me more like one of the odd Organic nuggets you can get from the Angler alien creatures. Don't see those very often. Either way, it should show the name of it, so that's a bug.
  9. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    Except if you have an active power source, like a small generator that's running, or a solar panel during the day.
  10. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    Mostly positive from me on this update. (Fix those air tanks, though, pretty please.) One thing that hasn't been mentioned, and that I was thrilled to see... Tether collisions are gone! Thank you, that was such a pain. I do agree that it would be better for them to stay put. Maybe they can be redesigned. Instead of a tripod, they plant into the ground, wall, or ceiling like a stake.
  11. Spaceport needed

    No need to depend on luck. Print a second habitat, drive (or walk) a short distance from your main base. As long as it's more than 10 or so tether lengths away, the bubbles will be separate when you see them from orbit. Once it's in place and you have created the vehicle bay on it, place a few beacons around it to mark it. I color code mine. (I mark all the bubbles I've landed in with a red beacon, and my landing pad has 3 red beacons around it.) I'll also give it some power source and fuel processing ability. It would be nice, though to have a landing pad specifically for spaceships, and maybe have the bubbles color coded so you can tell which are natural and which are shuttle pads.
  12. Base building on an inclined plane (limits).

    I've had at least one base underground that let me land without having a hole cut through. Same with the rocket on the trade platform. It might not work that way forever, but for now the ships will basically go right through anything to get to their destination, whether it's planets in space, other ships, or the ground. And the pre-defined landing points seem to be fixed at a specific height, so if you were to dig a big hole where you know a ship would land, it would "land" hovering in the air, or if you build a huge mound there it will land inside of it. Physics schmysics.
  13. Weird Marble I found

    It's kind of a physics toy, but it can also cause glitches in the current release, so be careful having it around.
  14. Alignment Augment a huge let down.

    You don't need an augment to do plain old "flat." If you're playing on PC, just hold down CTRL. The *entire point* of the alignment augment is to be able to make a relatively flat (not perfectly flat) surface that doesn't raise into the sky when you extend it.
  15. Does anyone use the Medium Generator?

    I don't use it at all, for pretty much the reasons you give. By the time you find coal, you already have better power sources in place. For me, coal has been nothing but a resource to trade for things I'll use. There have been suggestions of changing the fuel source for it. My thought is, why not be able to feed nuggets of organic into the new refinery and get a kind of biofuel in return, which could be the fuel for the medium generator (not strong enough to fuel a rocket, though). I figure 2 nuggets yielding 1 tank of fuel, give or take. That, and give it some kind of switch, or make it auto-off when not needed. Either way I'm cool with it. A few core changes to it could make the medium generator a valuable early-game power source, which is what I think it's supposed to be.