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  1. "Tumbleweeds" a bit pointless?

    Sure are a lot of armchair quarterbacks on this board.
  2. What is the use of space exploration?

    You're not getting off the planet without an enclosed seat of some kind. You'll either need the enclosed 1-seat, or the habitat (which would require the printer).
  3. Improved Research 501

    To be fair, why would they pay a lot of attention to a discussion board where so many of the people don't understand THE GAME IS STILL IN ALPHA? (They do pay attention though, by the way. Quite a few of the changes have been things suggested or requested here.) The current method is an enormous improvement over the old random system. And it has a long way to go in development, just like the rest of the game. A couple things I'd like to see at some point: 1. Nerf the research on the resources. Maybe the first nugget gives full points, but every one after that is less. If you already researched Laterite, what would you really gain by doing it again? 2. Add some type of "scanner" (maybe something you have to unlock) that can do a scan of a crash site and feed that data in as research points. It could be a small, single-use item. Print it on the backpack. Plug it into the wreckage to get the points, and then it doesn't detach so the same wreck can't just be farmed for points repeatedly.
  4. Megabyte Challenge

    The real trick is hitting the number before the save's frame rate hits single digits. I'm game to try, though.
  5. Terrain Analyser losing its colour indicator

    I've seen this as well. For me it happens when I exit and reload the game later.
  6. Dangit of the year

    It's not broken. It's just touchy. It would be nice to be able to choose the angle, but I think that's kind of a low priority after other parts of the game, since we can still make it work with a little effort.
  7. To print a large storage, there has to be a vehicle parked there, and the vehicle has to have enough space for it. The large storage can't be printed alone, only added to a vehicle.
  8. common logic

    Since when could acid NOT become gaseous? Absolutely every know substance has points where it becomes solid, liquid, and gas. Physics. And the gas is likely eating through the weaker seals and connections around your helmet.
  9. Dangit of the year

    If you start with it next to your feet, it will be horizontal. Start with it farther away and it will be vertical. I don't really like the way it works right now, but it is usable.
  10. SES Vlog 026 - Basebuilding & New Animations

    I'm looking forward to the dance emotes. It's details like that, that help make the game more fun. The rest looks great too. And yes, there's always a lot being worked on, or ready to go, that they won't show yet. I'm surprised their computer screens weren't blurred out.
  11. Just found some Astronium, now what?

    Makes a great foot rub, coffee sweetener, window cleaner, tooth whitener, ice melter, and did we mention it strips paint like nobody's business?
  12. Am I the only one to think this?

    That would leave them supporting multiple versions at once. It would drain resources, and make bug reporting very complicated. They're a small team, focused on making the game as good as possible. This would hurt that effort.
  13. Crash landed? My head cannon.

    My personal head canon: There's a problem back home, that requires a specific ultra-rare resource. EXO is trying to find as much as they can. They know there's some in this system, but they don't know where. They've been sending probes, which all crash, and they've sent other Astroneers, who all meet terrible ends. They have sent so many that now they're running low on resources and equipment, which is why you don't have much to start, and they ask for research bytes so they can sell and/or patent to pay for things to help with the search.
  14. # of planets question

    Real answer: No matter which side of the the debate you are on concerning Pluto, the answer is not 9. Either Pluto is not counted OR we also have to count all the others we have found that are about the same size as Pluto, like Eris, Makemake, and Ceres. So the answer is either 8, or the answer is more than a dozen and counting.
  15. Roadmap Update

    I'm liking some of the things on that new roadmap. The game just keeps getting better.