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  1. Beacon Bug

    I've seen it too. I'm on Steam, PC with mouse and keyboard.
  2. Floodlights for BRIGHT Lighting

    It would be nice to have some real area lighting. I can see it drawing from the main power supply on the base too, though if it's going to to that, I'd also like a way to turn it on and off manually so it doesn't drain my batteries when I'm trying to run research, print, or make hydrazine.
  3. "Crafting" / mining problems

    This is an old glitch. If the ground behind you is a little higher than your terrain tool, then the nuggets might clip through the ground and disappear. If there's a cave under you, they'll fall in there.
  4. More Uses for Hydrazine

    I think it makes more sense for a generator than coal does. Or maybe we could feed organic into the new pizza oven and get a crude biofuel in return, not good enough for flight, but strong enough for a large generator.
  5. Alignment Augment a huge let down.

    Want a flat vertical wall? Use the alignment tool to make a single column straight up. Remove the alignment tool, and use the regular leveling mode of the terrain gun to make a flat surface from it. Alignment mod is *supposed* to align with the gravity of the planet you're on. Hence the name.
  6. Sitting Emote

    Button combos, either in sequence or at the same time. It's a solution as old as the idea of the gaming console itself. (Konami Code easter egg, anyone?) I was just thinking I would love some "dancing" emotes. Add a little more fun to the game. And then the game really would be lit, right?... (If you watch the vlogs, you'll get it.)
  7. Rover Modification and Customization

    If the vlogs are any indication, they are hard at work on a new modular building system that will allows us to create any rovers we want, from really awesome to completely silly. It is still in development, though, so we have to be patient.
  8. It's a glitch. It wasn't added by design.
  9. An alternative, that has been suggested a few times, is to create a special storage module, that could extend storage capacity even more.
  10. Concrete (solid) mod

    This is already possible. I've found that if you use a Terrain Analyzer on a block of Astronium, it will allow you to create/paint terrain that doesn't react to the terraformer. You can repaint it, or use dynamite on it, and maybe drill through it with the crane, but otherwise it can't really be changed once it's been placed.
  11. "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    Fierce storms are fine as a gameplay mechanic, but it's always the same storm, always the same intensity. I wonder if, as it's moving its random pattern around the planet, maybe some of the internal values (wind strength, debris density, diameter, etc) could also randomize. It would be more workable for most encounters, with the added mechanic of being a little unpredictable. My biggest issues are with the rovers and the tethers. (This is in a brand new save for this update.) For the tethers: It's interesting having them react to the physics and fall when there's nothing below them, but the trade-off of them suddenly having collision is a pain to put it mildly. My 2 cents is I'd rather have floaty tethers, than to have long rows of objects for my rovers to collide with. The rocks are bad enough already. I'm also constantly peeved that, when a line of tethers connects to a rover, it disconnects from the base. If I'm parking and going out on foot, I have to be sure the rovers are away from all the tethers, so I can draw my power from the base. And the rovers... Floaty, jumpy, flippy... My larger rovers are lowriders right now. They sit so low, especially with any load on them at all, that they grind against the ground. But if they hit a rock, they'll jump, and usually end up stuck, high-centered on that same rock. It happened 3 times in a single hour of gameplay (before I got my Inhibitor to clear the road). The controls on those things need to be overhauled. They're not handling like wheeled vehicles. They're handling like boats. And, please, add BRAKES.
  12. Vehicle physics solved?!

    I'm seeing the same thing. I've found that if you pull up really close, it will connect. The change in vehicle physics has been driving (ha) me crazy. On my new save, I haven't unlocked them yet. But on my older save, they drive like they're made of lead and going in slow motion, and yet one small rock or hill at "full speed" is enough to ramp it so high you'd think the Duke Boys were at the wheel.
  13. Why don't trucks/rovers refill energy off tethers?

    I usually just put a solar panel next to my 1-seat. It's the most reliable option, overall. Any more power I need can usually be harvested from nearby.
  14. Modular oxygen/power storage for players

    Separating the backpack's slots out into various grids might make that pop-out interface too cluttered.
  15. Game save problem

    Windows 8.1, Steam, keyboard/mouse, version 0.3.10200.0 Last time I played, I landed on Arid and started building a base there. It wasn't the prettiest base, but it was a lot of work digging and building shield walls. Tonight, I loaded up that exact same save, and all of that work was gone. I was back on Terran with a ship full of raw materials. That was my last game save right before taking off. I did get into my new habitat on Arid before saving, so it should have saved my progress at that point. I only did it once right before exiting to the desktop, though, and I never got into my ship while I was there. On a side note: Can you please nerf those spike balls? I keep getting non-stop stampedes of one-hit death every time I land on that planet. It's not exactly an invitation to explore when I can't even get out of the ship.