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  1. My wide mod and inhibitor mod work fine, but my analyzer mod won't do anything at all. Have no idea about narrow mod, since I don't use it. (Windows 8.1, Steam, current version)
  2. Ah, yes, the once lush and verdant Exotic Forests, bulldozed and strip-mined in search of that elusive final unlock. Save the Research Forests!
  3. 1 & 2: Any map or navigation HUD functionality they might do could be a pop-out thing, like the backpack. A key or button press could pop it out in front of the astroneer like a hologram and zoom in on it for viewing. But then you run into the question of how do you map the caverns, or do you even show them on a map? Is it a 3D map? I think if it happens at all, though, it would be something you have to unlock and build up yourself by exploring. They're really adamant about that aspect of the game. They've said no to maps in the past, but I think it really depends on how it's implemented. If we get maps, they will be very limited. 6: They've given a very solid NO to adding weapons. This is not a battle game. It's about exploring and managing your resources. 7: Augments do this. There will probably be more augments in the game later on. 8: This one is a good point. I don't play online at all, but I can imagine it can be confusing.
  4. This is a common problem from this patch. They know and I hope they will fix it soon.
  5. I have an analysis in progress, from a single save that spans across 190-197. It's not likely they've made major changes to research in the last few updates since their focus is on Research 2.0, so I think it will be a valid comparison. I've got at least 30+ hours of footage to go through for it, and I'm cutting it down to nothing but research reveals. (Might post the edit, if I think it's worth it.) I'll be looking for how the unlock/resource ratio changes over time, and might as well see if there are any other patterns.
  6. I disagree with that Wiki's conclusions. Is that info straight from SES, or fan researched? And seems to be a bit outdated. I'm seeing no pattern right now other than an overall resource/research ratio curve, logarithmic, I think. The items are full rando, and I'm not seeing any connection to the chest type at this point.
  7. I'm looking forward to Research 2.0, but I do wish they'd tweak the current system a little bit. There's a curve on the output, where it starts as more research, and moves toward more and more resources instead, with only rare unlocks. That curve needs to be capped, just a quick tweak to that calculation to make the wait for Research 2.0 more bearable. I can't imagine it would be a big project, just a couple lines to the algorithm, just enough to be passable. You know, "If Odds<10% then Odds=10%" or whatever. (But I totally understand if they don't want to fuss with it at all.) I'm probably going to have to abandon my current save over it. I've got nearly everything unlocked, down to an unlock every dozen or so chests, and I have no shuttles, large or small.
  8. They've already said no to weapons.
  9. Yeah, there have been a few different threads about it. For most of us, it started with Patch 196. I was hoping they would fix it in 197. For some people, it's a massive slow-down, and for others it's a total crash. There is a workaround, if the game doesn't crash completely: Go back into the Options menu and it corrects itself somehow.
  10. I'm having a "sticky accelerator" problem with my large rover. I have an open 1-seat, a solar panel, and a large storage on it, and it happens when I have the rover loaded with research chests, including front/back slots. When I release W to let it roll to a stop, it keeps motoring along. But it doesn't drain any power. I can press S to reverse and it stops the glitch. Relatively minor, but I figured it's worth a mention. (PC, Steam, KB and Mouse)
  11. In the Bug Reports section of the board, there are several of us who have posted about this so far. The options menu seems to be killing graphics performance, anywhere between glacial frame rates to full crashes, depending on system specs. Here's a couple threads about it:
  12. I was just coming here to report the same thing. I enter the options menu (to adjust audio settings) and the game immediately drops to about 1 frame every 2 seconds, making it completely unplayable at that point. It does not recover after closing the options menu. I think the only thing saving mine from crashing as hard as Marck's is slightly higher specs on the machine. This will probably result in a hotfix. (I am also on Steam, playing on PC, Windows 8.1 64-bit, 12GB RAM, Intel i7 2.50Ghz, Nvidia Geforce GTX)
  13. Absolutely. They have other more important parts of the game to work on at the moment, but yes something like this would be great to have at some point.
  14. I've been thinking about possible game modes to give Astroneer more repeat-playability. I know various modes have been brought up before, but I think head-to-head was mostly discussed in a "fight" context, which doesn't fit the overall game. Here are some rough thoughts on other possibilities. First, though, the setup: 1. In any multiplayer VS game, each player (or team?) starts on a separate planet. You don't know which one you're starting on, and you don't know where your opponent's base is. Because of this, the planets in this game mode would need to be mostly hospitable (or at least equally inhospitable). If most of the planets are way too nasty, then it could make the search too easy when you're trying to find their base. 2. You can't see any of their indicators. You can see the items, but not the signs. You can see their shuttle, base, or beacons, but not the triangle signs above them. You can only see your own. You also can't see the bubble for their vehicle bay. 3. All players start with some basics unlocked already, but rovers and shuttles (at least) have to be researched. To keep it lively, research should be accelerated. 4. No dynamite in this mode, since it would be too tempting to blow up parts of the opponent's base, or to lay traps. 5. You can get air and power from their tethers, but can't pick them up (no sabotaging their air supply). Of course, if they lay tethers off of yours, and you can move your tethers or take off in your shuttle leaving them deactivated, that's their own fault. 6. You can drive your opponent's rovers (in some cases; again, no sabotaging the air supply) but not their shuttles. Mode 1: Race to "wealth" First player to find and trade (for "credits") a certain amount of Astronium (or some other specific Unobtanium) wins. For this mode, having the nasty, inhospitable planets would be fine, since that would be the most logical place to put the rare material for the challenge. Mode 2: Capture the Flag Each player's home base starts with the habitat and a special node that holds the "flag" object. The flag can't be stowed on the backpack and has to be carried, requires a 2-slot space to carry on a rover or shuttle. The main objective is to research enough to get yourself off the planet, find the opponent's base and grab their flag, then make it back to your own starting base and place it on a node (or "research" it). You can't win if your own flag is missing, though. (Secondary objective, of course, is to keep your flag safe.) Just to be sure a player doesn't try to hide their flag away from their base, it should give off a huge "dead giveaway" beacon to everybody for as long as it's not on its specific node on the starting base. The beacon should be visible above or below ground, and maybe even an indicator on the compass, possibly even from other planets. Should also have a warning signal when your own flag is taken. (Might also need some protections against them just dropping it down a deep hole, like maybe making it hover at a specific altitude right above ground level? I guess if on a rover that falls into a hole, it would detach then hover to stay out of the hole? Maybe it starts to hover slowly toward home if it can?) Anyway... Just a few thoughts I wanted to share.
  15. Don't blame the tethers. My current save didn't slow after hundreds of them going in every direction from my base. It was fine until I got my shuttle and started hopping around Terran, collecting chests. No new tethers, but with each new landing site the game slowed a little. I'm watching for Terrain 2.0, to see what effect that has.