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    New update

    heard that! The whole argument is non sense. Go outside and do something for a change and web you get home the update might just be there. Wow you didn't have to freak out and you got a taco plus your update! Grow up and step back into the real world, rest your eyes from the computer because they obviously need a break!
  2. definitely more planet to explore with new weather hazard's but not too extreme lol. More content as in more, bigger, better, vehicles, items, resource's..etc. I would like to see more perks when you research special items or recourse's. Bigger back pack or different means of storage would be nice. More content as far as the space ship you can build, like add more and bigger ships to carry fuel for longer space exploration. Keep up the good work and continue to fix bugs and the community will notice and in turn respect the company and the game more! Awesome job so far! I thought the game had a very thinking out of the box breath of fresh air kinda vibe going for it and I love it!
  3. so I was using the earth vacuum tool thing and out of no where my guy falls through the map and take like ten minutes to finally die in the center of the planet lol! I also can really tell the visual draw distance your in game character cash see isn't very good which is understandable at this stage in the game but hopefully some performance upgrades and framerate adjusting will make this same as fun as it truly has the potential to be!