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  1. I'd love!! to see one day walking around my base an awesome a big ball of fire coming my way as in burns in the atmosphere or it making its way to the moon just being able to identify what it may be before crashing into the surface. In hopes of it not hitting my base. It could be a spaceship, space cargo, meteorite, maybe an astroid! Anything! Maybe an alien ship And being able to actually watch it smash into the ground and terrain go flying all over with different gravity would be awesome!! Please consider adding this idea!
  2. great idea. Would also be challenging to land on a safe spot!
  3. If you guys do actually consider adding a buildable space station. I'd like to see a truster upgrade to the back pack so we can float around upgrading and connecting pieces to the station. Would also be cool if you added a rocket to launch the equipment to the station. And use a control system to connect the pieces with thrusters like in real life ??? That would be cool!! (Interior would be a neat addition on the station) This game has so much potential. I'm stoked! Freaking love space
  4. I'd like to see falling terrain like breaking an arch (on both ends) and watching it fall. Also not a fan of floating terrain. Sometimes when i use the terrain gun to dig out an area you'll see, well.. floating terrain. Youll also dig out an area where let's say you got resin. And after a while it will respawn in the same spot but it will be floating and you are not able to collect it with the terrain gun. You gotta use the drill bit.
  5. 1: jet pack/truster pack (to help build cool terrain) 2: Green Housing (cool detail to look at. Grow plants) 3: Railway (would be an awesome addition) 4: space station! 5: More people to play with (I have more than 4 friends.. 360 of em) 6: Different terraforming sizes"small medium large" (for better terraforming) 7: Aliean life 8: Space craft (to fly around..why not) 9: the ability to build other bases far away 10: A Hanger All I got for now for ideas.. Would be very interesting to see these in the game.