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  1. Having collision on rocks that sometimes sends your truck into space or into the planet is not challenging its annoying. Another bug I found is that the host can drive around the map and not have problems but if someone logs into his games they run into more glitches while driving. I think that this has to do with the host starting a base and mining stuff leaving big holes that are not loaded for the person joining. As for a server my whole point was to only have 4 people in one game at a time not anymore than that, so I highly doubt you will run out of stuff to farm.
  2. Also you should have it to where when 4 people want to make a map together they all fly in together instead of one at a time lagging the game out.
  3. Please when this game launches the small rocks on the planets need to be reduced by 80 percent. Most of the truck collision issues are because of rocks and the fact that the terrain does not load fast enough before we hit them and go flying into space or through the world. Another topic would be to let people merge their bases into one map. If you have four people who are friends and have all built a base on a planet let them merge their bases. When one person logs off you lock that base so it can not be messed with and allow the other three people to keep playing. Right now the way you