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  1. The Rovers are glitching out. Ever since the new 201 Update everything was fine. Then I saved and went to bed. Got up the next morning and the rovers were hovering, floating while bouncing up and down close to the ground, doing wheelies, and flipping over. Once they flipped over I'd flip them back and enter the driver seat. Next thing I know the 3-Train Rovers and Myself are sent flying into the sky. Twisting and turning. I started a new game once again and the bug seemed to be fixed. But after saving, and coming back it was doing the same thing..... I use my Alienware Gaming Laptop: i5processor, 16GB of Memory, 1TB HDD, and a Nvidia 960 or 965 Graphics. I use a keyboard and mouse for the windows store/Xbox One version.
  2. I started over, haven't had the problem since doing so. But yea I have nearly 1TB left of storage. Thanks for the reply though.
  3. Yes, it's up to date. I mistakenly put 7 instead of 8. I started a new game and started all over again. The new game has been running great. Saves like it's suppose to. Till I finally researched the Habitat and I had everything I needed to head to another planet. The game froze, and then it closed itself. Then when I opened it back up it didn't save. So, I've researched over 15 balls, cubes, plants, etc and all I've gotten is resource items and no habitat. I've looked in my printer and it's not there. So, it probably glitched again and I guess I'll have to start over. But I'm going to buy the steam version in hopes that it will be better. Probably won't, but won't hurt to try. cant play the Xbox version because once I go to another planet it always glitches and causes the game to lag like crazy on my Xbox one. The windows version has been great till these last few weeks. So, maybe the steam version will be better
  4. This game really has me bugged. I can load a save file, play for many hours, jump into a habitat, truck, spaceship, etc and let it save. Then quit like normal. When I go back to play apparently the what ever amount of hours I played are lost because it's still showing the same load file. Example, I started this morning on a Load file that had May 23 10:02am. I played for an hour and saved in my habitat and spaceship. I quit and went to the main menu. It should have had a load file May 23 at 11:06am, but instead it showed me the save file for May 23 at 10:02am. It doesn't mater what I do, how many times I save, or how long I wait before I quit, this game won't save my progress when I want it to. I've counted and so far I've lost 14 or 16 hours because of this save problem. Until it gets fixed I'm just going to have to quit playing. I don't have any other choice and apparently it's not a big problem because I've asked help before and got no where. Oh well, there goes $$$ down the drain.
  5. Yea, I use my vehicles, habitat, spaceship, nothing really works. The only way it actually saves is if I load a save, and within a couple of minutes after starting the load save I jump into my habitat and it will actually save. But the longer I play it seems to not even save. I just got done playing for about 1 hour trying to rebuild my base. But after playing an hour I saved multiple times. In my habitat and in my spaceship. After looking at my phone which showed 11:06am it should have had a save for May 23 at 11:06am. But when I quit and went to the main menu it showed the save for May 23 at 10:02am. Which is not long after I started and planted my new habitat. This is such bull crap. Cant play the freaking game much because it won't save when I want it to. It seems to only save within the first few minutes after playing if I happen to jump into my habitat. What's the point in playing a game if you can only play a few minutes, save, log off. Play a few minutes, save, log off. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. But, SystemEra probably won't get around to why this isn't saving right for me. oh well, it's a piece of crap for me now, I'll just wait till the next update to play. If nothing new happens then might as well delete the game and move on to something better. I'm forced to play it on my laptop due to the fact that when ever I build a big base the game becomes so laggy on my Xbox one I can't play it. This really pisses me off.
  6. So, I'll keep this short and to the point. I have astroneer for Xbox one and play anywhere. I mostly play it on my gaming laptop. Here lately astroneer isn't wanting to save properly. Example, I can play for hours and when I decide to quit I jump into my habitat, let it save, and then quit. Then I go back and instead of it showing my save file it gives me a save file that was 2 hours ago or something similar. So, I've been doing all kinds of things. Jumping in and out of the habitat, log out of Xbox live and back in, cut the internet off and back on. Turn my laptop off and back on, or even going to the main menu after saving and waiting. Nothing I do seems to make it actually save when I want it too, or load the proper save file. It's becoming very frustrating when I keep having to rebuild my base on planet exotic. As for tonight, I played for about 3 hours. I quit at about 10:20pm. Saved it and everything. I took a 30 minute break and come back. It quickly loads up and there it is, but instead of saying: Load May 20, 2017......10:20pm it shows me a save file that says: Load May 20, 2017.......8:48:31pm I've tried everything to get this game to save or load my save properly. I hate having to do 2+ hours of trying to set my new base up and then having to rebuild. It's basically pointless to even play the game anymore. So, yes, my laptop is up to date, my internet is fast "38 Mbs", the gave is up to date with version 0.3.10157.0 Any help?????
  7. Played on my laptop for a good while. Took a break and decided to play on my Xbox. Upon launching game the sync data decides to glitch. Lost a bunch of hours of play time. The interface was lagging. Finally go to the planet and to my base and that's when I noticed the severe lag. The camera shakes when trying to pan around. I built a cave for my extra items, resources, etc. went to get some and they were all gone. Reloaded the game and my items were still gone, but this time there wasn't a floor in the cave and I fell to my death. But upon revival the floor reappeared and there was a research item, but my resources were still gone. It took me hours to get that many saved up, now they are all gone. It's been a great game, but the lag and missing items/items appearing elsewhere from there original spot is making the game hard to play. Hard enough when the camera is shaking and it likes to lag, glitch, jump forward, etc. please fix.