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  1. Only2GenderZ_

    Wanderer's quest broken

    i got all 7 probes, but when i activated the last one i did not get the large portal with the guy inside, i went back to my last one to retry, but i still got a small portal. any advice?
  2. Only2GenderZ_

    Stalagmites & Rocks

    im gonna have to agree with you, while i believe the terren should be clear, some other planets should have harsher terrain, hence we should get hover tracks for the rover
  3. Only2GenderZ_


    so a large fuel reservoir? i think that would be a great idea, you could put one on a large rover or a train (in concept) and you could haul fuel more efficiently than say a large storage filled with medium storages (32 items) and it could hold exclusively fuel, at 50 canisters, and could directly fuel a rocket
  4. Only2GenderZ_

    Extra Small Rover (Forklift)

    i think this could be a cheaper alternative to a winch, i think its a pretty cool idea
  5. Only2GenderZ_

    Spaceship won't Launch after adding storage

    that would not work, i tried it
  6. Only2GenderZ_

    Crazy shit

    thanks bro
  7. Only2GenderZ_

    Crazy shit

    is there an official discord for astroneer? If so invite me plz
  8. Only2GenderZ_

    Crazy shit

    These ideas might not be put in the game, but why not? 1. giant mobile base, Remember that huge car from halo 4? we need that in astro. you can walk around in it while it moves and it protects you from storms, you can also hold cars inside and you can exit through big doors. This thing would be massive, just like the mammoth from halo. glass windows, the whole shibang. This would also be unlocked super late game. you need 100 titanium, and exotic materials. 2. Exotic materials. Every planet should have a special rare element that is uneque to that planet. 3. Spaceships. a massive frigate that could be as big as the mobile base, but in space. 350 titanium, 300 exotic resources from each planet. would need tons of hydrozen (100 per hour of movement) and could launch small spacecraft from its sides. could go to any planet and does not use fuel while in orbit. It will need energy that could be gatherd from big solar pannels on the outside. 4. Better starting base, dont get me wrong, i love the improvement. but the base should have an interior, the camera should be on the wall so you can see yourself while walking inside. you can also wait out storms by sleeping. it is better than fiting just one person inside, if you play with friends you can have all 4 of you inside at once any other ideas?
  9. Only2GenderZ_

    update 7.0

    cant wait to see what cool things they have in store, devblog will be out soon so sub to there YT channel
  10. Only2GenderZ_

    Sleep system?

    there should be a sleep system where you start to get tired after 30 IRl minutess and every 10 min after that it gets worse. you pass out after one hour. the habata should hold 3 ppl that are able to sleep at once, and you can walk around inside. the camara will be on the wall so you can see the whole interior from one angle. feedback?
  11. Only2GenderZ_

    stuff you should add

    i think that you guys should add some enemies (aliens) on other planets and make it that there are hostile and friendly aliens, also a story-line would be cool. also make it that you can make a server "on the fly" and add any friends with out having them join your world. also an upgrade spaceship that looks like a spaceship that has an interior and storage "chests" and armor. and some more vehicles, and some weapons would be cool.
  12. Only2GenderZ_

    light up backpack

    I mean around the item slots on the backpack, there are lights around them in pictures
  13. Only2GenderZ_

    light up backpack

    i have seen picture of the backpack lightning up with a blue light around the item storage, how do i activate this?