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  1. Binarybits

    Materials Getting Stuck in Chem Lab

    YES, this is the same issue I came to the forums to report. Playing with Mouse/Keyboard, On Steam. To see the bug you need to have 2 graphene on the platform with the chem lab. Then open the directory of items you can make and flip past diamond, at that point the graphene is moved into position and even if you change the item you want to craft the graphene will not come off and it will only make a diamond. For example, if you change to steel and hit the go button, it still makes a diamond, even if you had the materials on the platform for the steel (or any other item).
  2. This has happened to me too, have to keep jumping to move.
  3. Binarybits


    I was wondering if there was a way to make generators not use the resources attached to them, when they are are not powering a battery/building/vehicle? I attach organics to a generator and even if no energy is being used it still destroys all of the organics on it.