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  1. Why not go check out "Prey" ? Man that's a hell of a game...
  2. The addition of a simple "Home" icon when you hover over your toon to bring up the compass would be a great quality of life improvement.
  3. I appreciate the addressing of the research curve. Gonna give this a shot tonight after class I'll try to keep an open mind in the future as the game progresses.
  4. Some of the skeletons are truly massive. I did notice in my previous exploration of the system that i only ever found these skeletons on Barren (the Moon). Even found a research node tucked away into the ribs once i dug deep enough. Lately I've found it difficult to really venture out and explore, but it's the discoveries like this that drive exploration and keep me going onward and forward.
  5. Are the "heat-seeking death missiles" still a thing in the storms? I usually just dig down or stay in my habitat or vehicles during storms but I hear the rocks are becoming sentient...
  6. So I've been going around the forum over the last couple of days. Been seeing some mixed feelings about he new research curve. My own opinion aside ( I don't like the new research system, just gonna say it), I saw an interesting idea posted in another thread that caught my eye. I would like to credit the OP, but I can't remember the users name. This isn't my original idea, but including a sandbox mode sort of like Minecraft's "Creative Mode" would make for a good solution to the issues that users are having with the new system. It would also give Xbox users such as myself more input on the pro
  7. The old saying "if it aint broke, don't fix it" applies here. I can understand a reworking of the research curve. I get it, things are going to change as the game moves through development. That's what we all signed up for essentially when we bought an Early Access title. What I don't like is being deprived of what are essential early game crafting components such as the wind vein, small batteries, tanks, etc. Having to research these items now just pollutes the research table in my opinion. It was already pretty randomized as far as what item would be researched upon cracking open the old spa
  8. And thank you for this. This is a much simpler work around on Xbox than it is on PC I'm assuming. I'm going to give this a shot tonite because since the patch I've lost the drive to play more than a couple of hours. Its too difficult to progress within the time frame that MOST of us have to play between jobs and school. You've helped me and I appreciate your creative work around. Great idea.
  9. The truth of the matter is the research curve has crippled the progression system. RNG is one thing, but depriving the player of what are essentially vital research items at the start of the game is uncalled for, and it was a bad design decision in my opinion. I agree with OP.
  10. I agree with the OP. The new research curve is silly. I don't know why they made things so hard to come by. I don't need INSTANT access to all the research, but at the same time I would like to have the ability to safely travel within the first couple hours of playing. What i mean is I want to be able to have a Truck with large storage so can venture out to other parts of Terran to find different kinds of research so I can eventually go to other planets with a Spaceship and large storage. If you've tried going to a new planet with just the shuttle and your backpack storage you know that quite
  11. As the devs have stated in previous patch note and just in general, it's usually a good idea to start a new save each time there is a major update. So I did just that. Previously I had a few bases set up across a few planets with most of the research done early on. Now with the new update i have played a new save for roughly 12 hours and have yet to come across a useful piece of research (I.E. large storage, spaceship, truck, and so on...). I'm assuming Adam made far too many research rocks, nubs, nipples, whatever and you guys needed them all to be useful? I can't fathom another reason as to
  12. It could also be a persistent issue were the beacons are falling through the terrain when the area is reloaded upon your trek back home.
  13. That is horrifying and needs immediate fixing...