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  1. I searched but couldn't find a comment about this, but something like telephone poles instead of tethers to run next to my road. Have larger lights on them, the could span greater distances than regular tethers, etc. It never fails when driving a rover next to some tethers (which I've put down for foot traffic) I get hung up on a tether. Please feel free to lock or delete this idea if it's been expressed somewhere already.
  2. I have uploaded a video so you can see exactly what is happening. I built a platform where I had a pile of Organic, and the platform trapped some of the Organic beneath it. It then proceeded to make this noise until I was able to collect the Organic again. It would be nice if the platform pushed all of the resource away while building, or at least didn't bury them. The simplest solution may be to just turn off the sound somehow but then the player may not realize they have trapped resources beneath the platform (I didn't realize that was the problem initially).
  3. I have a question about new content. Does new content spawn/appear within existing saves, or do you have to start a new save (world) to get the new content?
  4. This is a cool idea. What if they were softly lit squares to so it provides both light and oxygen.
  5. We all love to flatten the ground. A really simple upgrade to the flattening tool would be to have the indicated area blink or turn a specific color when you are hovering over a triangle of terrain that is perpendicular to gravity. Spend a few seconds moving the cursor around until you the center dot is over a piece which will result in flat ground, then hit CTRL and off you go.
  6. Yes exactly. Something like this would be awesome.
  7. I'm sure most people you can easily discern between the aluminum blocks (not the ore or veins) and the copper blocks, but to me they are nearly indistinguishable. I have to mouse over every block of metal to see what I'm looking at. Maybe the shape could be changed, or just make one a completely different color? Thanks!
  8. Along that same line, do the devs have a plan for routine updates? Weekly, Monthly, etc?
  9. Title says it all. I have three saves going and it would be handy to have a name for each so I can tell which is which. So far, loving it!
  10. I found one too, but haven't found a use for it.