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    Map obtained by Craftable Satellites

    Honey YAS! Please yall suggest things to add on and keep bumping maybe they will see it and like the idea!!! I love the multpile satellites idea. It gives a little more substance to my original thought it does make sense to have atleast 3 +1 for you

    Map obtained by Craftable Satellites

    YAS! Please feel free to suggest towards this topic I really want to see it implemented!

    Multiplayer Xbox Bugs/Crashes

    Yeah, I have ended up just recording when something happens. It's the best way for me to go back and see what is going on!
  4. So my boyfriend and I have been playing Astroneer together in an attempt to find some different bugs in the game... First of all we believe our biggest issue is lag. The lag is most likely caused by too much being loaded into the game. There seems to be a point when co-op gameplay is no longer achievable. Lag causes: Chunks (minecraft term, sorry): Too many chunks loaded in the game... to much stuff and the game just becomes laggy and unplayable Tethers: Too many tethers may causes the initial lag issue.... we stopped using tethers all together and that lengthened the gameplay time Vehicles: Too many vehicles can cause lag because the vehicles tend to "spazz out" all this jittering freaks the game out causing lag. Vehicles tend to do this jittering and get shoved into the ground when returning home from a different planet. Storage Platforms: Too many storage platforms causing lag or is it just too many items down in general???? Traveling between Planets: When we travel between planets the other planets and items/vehicles on the planet seem to stay active and end up missing/deleted/underground Invisible Bases: Not sure what causes this, but it seemed to be an issue after we traveled to a new planet, and every planet there after the bases were invisible to anyone joining the game. The map was my own save, we traveled to Exotic planet and I placed down my habitat. The first extension was placed and was visible to myself but not my boyfriend. Eventually I created the entire base and invited my boyfriend back to see if reloading would fix the issue. He could still not see it. He also could not see the ground that I had deleted/placed to form the base. We invited someone else to play and he also could not see the base. We traveled to Radiated planet and placed a new habitat, the habitat is visible and the base I created was not visible to anyone in the game. We reloaded the game and invited everyone back... then the habitat was no longer visible. The only thing visible to the other players was the spaceship. Invisible Trade Platform: [Video: Invisible Trade Platform.mp4] Also not sure what causes this bug, but whoever is hosting the game can see there own trade rocket. The other players joining the game will not see a rocket. I have video of the rocket and you can see it when it takes off, and it bugged out and "took off" a second time even though it wasn't there. Traveling to New Planets: New players always spawn on Earth and drop pods are being dropped underground/under the map [Video: Tundra Pieces.mp4] Not sure if Traveling too many times causes this glitch or not but the Tundra planet was split into a bunch of pieces... I never saw it break it was just one time I had to go back to Earth to pick up Co-Op players and the Tundra was broken. I could still select the planet but it just looked broken. [Video: Landing Crafts.mp4] Do not land Shuttles on top of Spaceships, but you can land Spaceships on top of Shuttles. There needs to be a better option for landing so we don't land on a vehicle/craft in a vehicle bay and shove is underground. Other Issues: The game constantly thought I was trying to load into a multiplayer session so my own saves were not appearing on my screen. [Video: Pod Dance Glitch.mp4] This glitch happens randomly, when a player seems to remain in the spaceship pod after they have left the pad. I am sure I will come across more issues. Hoping the new patch will bring FPS and multiplayer optimizations!

    Noting Saving on the Xbox One trial.

    You should restart your xbox after purchase. If that doesn't solve it, try to uninstall and reinstall the game and that should work.

    Noting Saving on the Xbox One trial.

    I actually met someone today who couldn't save, play online, and only play for 1 hour on the xbox demo. So my guess is yes you cannot save. It really is worth the money I play all the time

    Falling/Flying through the Abyss

    I play on xbox, I have always been able to recover my stuff I just have to go to the first place I died!

    Whinch Problems

    +1 for this issue. I am not sure if it is Co-Op lag or not. I have only used winch in a 2 player setting. The truck also was lagging and jumping around making it nearly impossible to grab and attach the winch in the first place. We were trying to move a large satellite, we succeeded in bringing it over but then this happened. Not sure of the cause yet. Platform: Xbox One RASPBERY

    Copper & Aluminum Colors

    +1 for copper more rusty brown. aluminum could stay the same.

    Noting Saving on the Xbox One trial.

    I didn't play the free version, BUT it is worth your money Platform: Xbox One RASPBERY
  11. So this thread is in so many places so I hope it is merged soon because there are WAY too many to reply to all of them. I have noticed as well as many other that you can fall through the ground. I have found it can be forced if you are in a hole and dig over yourself enough. Doing this caused my game to crash and force close.... nothing saved which was sad but that is okay! I did it for science!!! I fell through the abyss for approximately 60 seconds before the game crashed. The glitch can also happen randomly when digging or changing the terrain (more so when building up the terrain directly underneath the character). But personally, I notice this bug the most when I respawn. I respawn on my habitat, and my character is rendered underneath the habitat. The habitat seems to just force you under the ground until you can respawn next to the habitat instead. When this glitch occurs, the first place that I died will not be marked with the 'X' beacon to go retrieve items from the backpack. The items will be present in the shape of the backpack with no backpack there. The items can still be received except for the gun it will just hangout and float there. Platform: Xbox One RASPBERY Respawn Fall MP4.mp4 Forced Fall MP4.mp4

    Option(s) for lower quality?

    I am not too worried so much about lower quality more so than just quality options in general. I have a medical condition that makes me dizzy... so when I traveled to smaller planets the rotated a faster rate. Options to turn off the stars or maybe the rotation would be nice or just not have the sky spin so fast! Options for render distance could also help FPS issues if you are running on PC instead of console. Camera options would be good too. I am not sure what to call the default... like when you hold an unknown item that needs to be researched and you can't really move your camera because it is never really locked in place. so +1 for quality options please Platform: Xbox One RASPBERY

    XB1 Delete Saves + Synching???

    I will +1 this. A "press X to delete save' would be a good option at the start.
  14. My boyfriend and I were discussing some ideas back and forth... We collectively thought of the idea of some map. He suggested crafting a satellite that can orbit your planet and give you the option to see your world to see beacons and home icons better. I suggested a launch pad as a crafted bench.. not sure if it's called a hub or bench? (the pad that costs 1 resin to extend, then 2 resin to create a printer, vehicle bay, etc) So maybe if it was an option to create a launch pad and this launch pad could create launchable satellites. The satellite needs attachments before being launched into orbit: Weather Alert/Weather Beacon: The weather alert will be attached to the satellite and the weather alert beacon will be attached to the person/vehicle/storage. The beacon could flash red to alert the astronaut that a windstorm is heading in their direction and they should seek shelter. (Alternatively instead of making weather alert attachment, make a weather satellite that needs a camera attachment to view storms, but will still require weather alert beacon to be on person/vehicle/storage.) Camera Attachment: The camera attachment will be attached to the satellite and take record of the locations that have beacons, vehicles, or home icons.The view from the satellite would be as if you were in orbit yourself (similar to the orbit screen if you launch into space from a shuttle). The Launch Pad and Satellite: Launch Pad: The launch pad can be researched like any normal item such as the truck or filters. Finding the researched item would just be a random draw like the rest. Satellite: The satellite(s) will require research and/or parts salvaged from satellite crash sites or maybe crash sites in general. TLDR; A craftable launch pad and satellite that will allow you to see beacons/vehicles/home and weather. Platform: Xbox One RASPBERY

    Smelter "eats" ore if no available side slots.

    This is what I do to prevent it, but it still isn't very fun to loose ore I hope there is a way to fix it!