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  1. Jay DJ

    SES Vlog 027 - A New Habitat!

    any idea when the next experimental patch goes live
  2. Jay DJ

    Steam experimental

    loads a new stuff and all old game saves are gone
  3. Jay DJ

    System Era Vlog #01 - New Office

    im hyped more office space = more staff and more staff = faster game development
  4. Jay DJ

    Quick Tips

    pmsl 0:44 you tell people to store stuff in a hole in the ground you do know that if you do that it will glitch through the map and end up in a cave deep underground even the storage things can glitch under the map if not placed on a flat/even surface most of the posters here are youtubers you might even learn a thing or 2 from mine moderators please make a sub forum or mega thread for youtubers to post content
  5. Jay DJ

    A Small Peek for the Next Big Update

    im sure these are from Live Dev: 3D Modeling w/ Riley & Adam! and this is very interesting i first thought this was a new ability of a crane but after having a good look at the crane iv decided its a vehicle bay on wheels it could be a new ability of the crane ... the ability to move modules, put the storage module on the base platform or the research module on wheels etc it could be the vehicle bay simply having the ability to print modules straight to the truck the big questions i have is 1 are we gonna be able to have a fully mobile base? by the looks of it we will be able to fit 2 modules on 1 truck so we only need 4 trucks 1st truck = seat and storage 2nd truck = printer + research 3rd truck = vehicle bay and smelter 4th truck = the trade station and fuel condenser and 2 if we can print or move the modules onto the truck can we also do it to the spaceship?
  6. Jay DJ

    I have a challenge..

    thanks to mods i win ...... pmsl
  7. aha that's a good one i thought maybe the cave was filled with water at some point and he washed up there somehow
  8. its funny a lot of the time you can imagine how the poor victim died you find a backpack next to some spiky mushrooms you know oh poor guy died from mushroom spike .... thanks for the dynamite but this guy what happened to this poor guy
  9. Jay DJ

    Screenshots Megathread

    My latest moonbase a lush view of exotic
  10. Jay DJ

    Share your bases/creations!

    this is my underground moonbase this is the entrance this is the power supply this is the outside area for research and vehicles you can see me build this base pretty much start to finnish HERE
  11. Jay DJ

    A Small Peek for the Next Big Update

    taken from the twitter
  12. Jay DJ

    Game Objective?

    i HATE driving on the moon can't stay in the truck/rover for long enough before it flips over i spend half the time driving and the other half flipping the rover/truck back the right way round back on topic you should check out List of every possible and planned features even if half the things on that list happen i will be very happy