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  1. Hello, I have a nice idea for the game I think it would be cool if we add some flying vehicles, The vehicle can drill, store items etc. It has the exact same storage as a car (buggy) you would have one seat and you can choose what type of flying mechanic it would have like a helicopter or some wings at least it can fly it would be cool even if you added something where you have a little drone and you can fly it you would be able to look around and have so many things to do you can have like 2 different bases in 1 world and your with your friends you can send him a little something to get him going (or if you're in discord and you're asking your friend if they need supplies you can send it over to them) the drone would be small so you won't be able to fit in it. the helicopter can be powered by Fuel or Rockets. That's all I can think of so see ya and I hope you like my idea/request.
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    Space dog

    yea it would
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    New settings in game!

    -1 please add more detail
  4. +1 I think it would come in handy