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  1. ROBOTS My brother and I were playing the latest version last weekend and started setting up atmospheric condensers on different planets to gather specific resources. We would go do other things and then planet hop back to those planets to gather up the resources that were made. This led us to start talking about how cool it would be to be able to build mini resource gathering bases scattered all over the solar system, where you have a team of robot workers that would do the gathering for you. All you do is setup these bases, let them do their thing and then return to gather up what they produced. Obviously, you don't want this feature to be easily accessible, where you don't have to do any scavenging yourself. Once it's up, there could be maintenance that is required. Robots break down and require specific resources to repair. We love the inter-planetary travel aspect of this game really enjoy jumping to different planets to gather resources. Thought this would be a cool idea to expand your base and resource production to a new level. WINDMILL I was also thinking about how there is the larger solar array for solar power but there is no "large" equivalent for wind power. There should be a large windmill that you can create. Have a wind farm to get all the power you need for your base!
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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I have had this issue several times. Mostly It happens after I have played a specific site for a long period of time and have a full base setup. I will enter a vehicle and upon exiting, the vehicle jumps! See video attached. Video Jan 12, 11 07 34