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    Driving in this game is like skating on greased ice. It's doable, but really iffy. I understand if it's supposed to be that way under the premise that the planet has a lower gravity than Earth, but the truck should at least not slide so much, but it still does. So, a possible idea is that the rover and truck could receive upgrades to the chassis, based on the planet that the vehicle bay is on. For example, on the starting planet, the tires could get an upgrade increasing their friction, reducing the sliding a bit. On the arid planet, the upgrade could be a better cooling system (assuming the arid planets are hot) that lets the vehicles run longer before needing a recharge. For something like the moon, which is smaller and assumed to have less gravity, it could be arbitrary mass upgrade, increasing the handling of the vehicle in low gravity environments. Again, the upgrades would be contextual to the planet that you make the vehicle on, taking into account for the biome, size (gravity), and surface traction. This could be expanded upon if people like it, with some small cosmetic utilities, like floodlights for cave driving.
  2. Soap MacTavish

    Space Station

    I agree except for having to land it to add stuff. I think, to add to it, you would have to launch each module or part. Making it much more expensive and labour intensive to build something like this.
  3. Soap MacTavish

    Some Ideas

    1 - Do you mean the black cables connecting each building together? Not sure what you mean here. 2 - There's a ton of talk about storage options, so hopefully something will get implemented. 4 - I like that idea for planets that don't have an atmosphere or a thin atmosphere. The starting planet has a moon, which deflects a ton of space debris, and a thick atmosphere, so it burns up stuff trying to hit the planet. But still agree for other, thin-atmosphere planets. 5 - No kidding. The days and nights whip by so quickly. 7 - Stacking the big batteries on the two resin modules? I like that idea.
  4. Soap MacTavish

    Home marker on compass

    Who wouldn't want it? It doesn't ruin immersion or the "point" of the game in anyway. We are supposed to become super rich space moguls, and it's hard to do so if you can't get back to your base...
  5. Soap MacTavish

    Xbox Keyboard & Mouse Support

    Got a source on the graphics part? The hacking bit more believable, but I know without a doubt, because I own XBone and PC, that consoles will never be better graphics wise. They can be on par or nice for their era, for example, current console graphics look pretty good - but a top level PC running GTA V on ultra will look better than a PS4/Xbone doing the same. I'm surprised that the Xbox doesn't support mouse input. Mind you, I've never had reason to try it, but still surprising considering that my phone can use the mouse as a control device.
  6. Soap MacTavish


    Better than my Russian! (As in, I can't understand it at all)
  7. Soap MacTavish

    Base Storage

    Oh, I agree the current storage situation is crap. I'm all for better options, I was just simply saying what I currently do until there's a better way.
  8. Soap MacTavish

    Innovative Gameplay Instead: Include Mini-Map

    Right now I'd settle for being able to mark beacons in some manner, be it colours or something, to know which are what. I'll end up dropping a beacon to mark the route home, as well as dropping one to mark interesting places that I want to check out later. Sometimes, I can lose track of what beacon means what when I'm coming back from an expedition.
  9. Soap MacTavish

    Deleting Items, Vehicles and Buildings

    Indeed, like a recycler or something that maybe you could feed items you don't want, and get back a few basic resources. Sure would be nice.
  10. Soap MacTavish

    Stuttering Character

    Don't really have any media to show what I'm describing, but lately my character has been "stuttering" in my base and in the cavern I made underneath my base. When it first started I didn't really take much notice, until I started to lose resources because while my character is "stuttering" if I click on a resource, and then try to attach it to a storage or input, it randomly flies off, usually down. Just an odd thing I noticed, no idea why it happens. Some other details that may help is that the ground around my base has been flattened as much as possible, so heavy terraforming might have something to do with it.
  11. Soap MacTavish

    Base Storage

    I agree that method is ugly, but without better options what can we do? I end up digging out a cavern under my base to hide from storms and as a storage area, using little holes to store excess items.
  12. Soap MacTavish


    Why do you capatilze every word? Seems like it would take way more effort. Secondly, rapid exploration of caves and surface areas, to plan where you would build infrastructure and mines are very valid reasons to add something like this. +1, OP
  13. Soap MacTavish

    The Hydrazine Fix and More!

    Not so sure on this. It really is a fleshed out idea, though I think the "casual-ness" of the game is a big appeal right now. There is a ton of "survival-resource gathering-no selfsustaining economy" games out already. A possible change, where the fuel idea you mention is implemented, then condensers should be able to make water (H2O) that trades at a lower value than Hydrazine. It would take longer to make decent trades, and wouldn't be able to trade for any of the resources that only return one for 8 Hydrazine.
  14. Soap MacTavish

    Base Storage

    There is storage platforms that the printer can make, hold eight items total, with 2x2 slots on both sides. You can mount it on a node before turning it into a building, or on the platforms to each side of a crafting building.