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  1. Ok I get it. Thanks !
  2. Hi ! steam v117 on win10 Just stumbled on this bug : I created a fuel condenser, and it's not getting any power from the grid, even though there's a full battery right next to it, and others a little further. The only way to power it is to place the battery on its sockets directly... here are a few screen caps that show my setup and my savefile. AUTOSAVE_1_2017.01.15-18.08.14.sav.gz
  3. Yeah, I double that ! A way to automatize things would be cool, maybe something a little like a merge with factorio Or maybe just some kind of flying drones that take your resources off your back and carry them to storage on a base.
  4. Well I'd say that even though it's possible, it's quite tedious to set this up, and maybe the game really lies someplace else
  5. Probably wasn't empty. I'll check it out. thanks
  6. I had this too, I had to leave and reload the game and I was out.
  7. Other problem with 117 (didn't try that before) : I was able to create a crane after adding a seat to a rover (manually, seat found in the world), the crane was added to the rover, but it never "locked up" (lots of visual vibrations haha), and then it fell off. Now I have a lying crane on the floor and I can't do anything about it. Other problem, I then created a second empty rover, then added the crane to it, and it worked ! Only now I had a working crane that couldn't move from the base, and I couldn't create a driver rover to move it !! So I had to create another pod to create the driver rover... Don't know if it's on purpose, but it's frustrating. Maybe you could impose that a rover exists before we can build a crane/rover ?
  8. Hi ! Picking tethers up no longer works (shift-click). They never get added back to my backpack, they simply disappear :(. PC steam 117. I can move them around in the world, so now I just rearrange them, but it's not very convenient thanks