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  1. Docktor Dicking

    How do I...?

    Welcome to the community
  2. Docktor Dicking

    I made a pyramid!

    Those screenshots look really awesome! Nice job!
  3. Docktor Dicking

    Screw this Game

    Achievement ?
  4. Docktor Dicking

    Vehicles and Multiplayer

    I experienced precisely the same scenario how it happened when i was playing with my mate.
  5. Docktor Dicking

    Weather Damage and biodome repair bots.

    Who cares if its practically ! Mechs are always a good selling point (jkjk) Would love to see mechs in the game, maybe for extending your capacity to do big digging operations or to carry alot of stuff around ? Or that a mech can withstand very harsh environments to help the astroneer traveling on them like a sort of exosuit ?
  6. Docktor Dicking

    Screw this Game

    Hahaha i lol'd I would also suggest to wait for new releases, happened to me alot also but i find it kinda funny when my car flies off again... i pretend it is going on a journey of car space exploration. Also i don't mind it in this stage of the game as many has said before me it is pre-alpha stage, and reporting your bugs in the bugs section really helps the devs with smashing those bugs! I hope you also become a active community member and enjoy the path of development from now on, good luck exploring the current galaxy
  7. Docktor Dicking

    Question about the forum.

    Rep would be a cool addition and i think it will work well for the astronomer community. And i agree on the maturity of the community, until now i did not see a lot of "nonsense" posts or topics.
  8. Docktor Dicking

    Less Rocks Please and merge bases.

    Rockets sounds better to me... rocks can wait
  9. Docktor Dicking

    Less Rocks Please and merge bases.

    I agree on the rock thingy. A little to much and it makes driving indeed uncomfortable, don't remove them all just turn it down a bit.
  10. Docktor Dicking

    Are clouds stationary or do they move?

    Haha true! It also reminds me a bit of ice cream... It look fun and i think it fits the whole cartoony looking world
  11. Docktor Dicking

    How are you guys building your base?

    Nice base concept! Looks organized and easy to use. I think i am going to try out this one!
  12. Docktor Dicking

    Are clouds stationary or do they move?

    hahaha nice question. Did not really stare at them for a long amount of time. Noticed in a older save that some clouds after a good amount of time playing were still above the same mountain. How about you ?
  13. Docktor Dicking

    Are clouds stationary or do they move?

    I think you are right, for me it feels like there just hanging there and not moving yet. Probably something they will add later on.
  14. Docktor Dicking

    Modules not being charged by power generators.

    I also had this problem once, i had a battery and solar panels. The battery war full but would not charge "machines" in the base. For me it happened during multiplayer and we places small solar panels directly on the machines, i guess they will fix this issue soon, if they can reproduce it. PC/STEAM/KEYBOARD_MOUSE
  15. Docktor Dicking

    Planet Mapping

    Realy nice idea! Would be a real nice addition to the game and help with navigation and such, without killing the feeling of exploring unknown territory. It would also be nice if it was possible to give other symbols to beacons and maybe names. Or categorize them so you can turn them on and off on your HUD and group them like: - Resources - Bases - POI etc... Btw - Mad drawing skills there!