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  1. I guess your trying to say "add custom key mapping" but yes I do agree
  2. I like this idea, good thinking. Would love to see this implemented into the game
  3. controversial

    If hunger was added this would basically be Minecraft: 3D Space Edition, I prefer the game without hunger. This is what makes Astroneer as it is. If hunger was implemented I would refund Astroneer, just my saying and opinion
  4. Hello, Astroneer player here I have a suggestion/idea of my own. Why not implement abandoned Space Station? if you happen to be heading to a different planet in space and you spot a abandoned Space Station you can thrust your way there and loot resources and artifacts found. Also since you already have dead corpse in the game with the option to loot it, why not add dead corpse to the Space Station to? Or to add to the idea, why not let it have a unique roll in the game? once stumbling upon a space station, it will be covered with debris and other unwanted stuff. Your job is to restore it to its full glory, Eg. Clean the area, repair the solar panels. After all of that the Space Station will be fully functional and can collect power from the sun, monitor planets in terms of weather (useful for multiplayer), can send heavy power usage bots to go collect resources (more rare the resource the less you will get, also will have a long charge), and maybe contain some modules that you can build at base. Hope this can spark some ideas. Happy Gaming, Noob (sorry for grammar mistakes or spelling, to lazy to check over)
  5. OS: Windows 10 Open through: Steam Version: Controlling through: Mouse and Keyboard ________________________________ Hello, fellow Astroneer player here I was playing around with tethers and I realized that half of my tethers were missing, where did they go? they disappeared. When you drag and drop or shift+left a tether into your backpack/inventory they disappear if its already been occupied by a resource. They only successfully transfer if its empty or pre-occupied with a tether. Sorry its short, this is my first report. Thanks, Noob