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  1. Windows 10, Steam When you attempt to sprint while placing a tether it disappears
  2. Windows 10, Steam Bug: When adjusting audio settings it sets back to default making it difficult to enjoy music.
  3. NoobRegular

    NPC settlements

    This would be cool to have
  4. NoobRegular

    Space Station ?

    I have a post myself on this idea, just pointing it out.
  5. NoobRegular

    Hardcore Mode

    Along with your ideas, all deposits of resources should be decreased as well. Just a suggestion to go along with it.
  6. NoobRegular

    A Mega List Of Very Good Ideas For Updates

    While most of them are a very good ideas, it's unlikely that even most will get implemented because you have to consider all of the other suggestions that other people have submitted. If each person had all of their ideas implemented into the game then likely the game will become extremely hard to run once you progress into the game and it would take a tremendous amount of space to install. Although I do like the protective field around the base, would like to see that myself.
  7. NoobRegular

    Black Holes

    Hello to the few people reading this, I have a interest in space and that's why i bought Astroneer, although yes it does have a few different planets there's none of the "dangers" of space so i thought of something that could be added which is Black Holes. Now what does this do and can it kill you? To start off, the Black Hole is a Worm Hole that can travel through space which leads to a new planets. Also you can travel back through the same hole which leads back to your previous set of planets. In order to travel you are going to need a "Reinforced Spaceship", to make one you will just need the same Spaceship already in the game, but to make it "Reinforced" you will need to research it, the materials to make it you will be required to have 4 Titanium which makes a "Reinforced Plate". To apply it to the space ship the holographic Reinforced Plates will already be on the Spaceship but you just need to fill each part in (like placing materials on the holograph or the holographic preview when building a vehicle). You will need 4-8 plates (which ever seems more balanced). To get to a black hole it will be like a planet, once it gets into range you can travel to it and it would be cool in my opinion to have a final [Are you sure you wish to travel] dialog come up. Also the Black hole will have the stars and gas around it so you can find it. Also it would be cool if a animation happened while traveling through one like a blue, green and black is around you and you would appear to be super stretched out but the "Reinforced Spaceship" is keeping you intact. Happy Gaming, Noob (sorry for grammar mistakes, i'm too lazy to check over)
  8. NoobRegular


    Now this game is amazing with a lot of potential, i thought i could just add my idea in with use of making platforms for bases and having a flat ground. This "platform" could have a blue outline (same as oxygen) and will have the same fill white as the other entities in this game does e.g. Shuttle, rover. It can be made with 2 or 1 compound (which ever is more balance) and its can be 3D printed. Each platform made is worth 1x1 or can be described as a single square so its not big, making multiple can be placed together to start making a large platform. Also yes the platform provide oxygen since it runs through the outline. (sorry for horrible grammar, i didn't get much sleep and sorry for crappy art skills, im no good with digital art)
  9. NoobRegular

    Customization Xbox Controls

    I guess your trying to say "add custom key mapping" but yes I do agree
  10. NoobRegular

    Dynamite as a research item

    I like this idea, good thinking. Would love to see this implemented into the game
  11. NoobRegular

    No to hunger

    If hunger was added this would basically be Minecraft: 3D Space Edition, I prefer the game without hunger. This is what makes Astroneer as it is. If hunger was implemented I would refund Astroneer, just my saying and opinion
  12. NoobRegular

    Space Stations

    Hello, Astroneer player here I have a suggestion/idea of my own. Why not implement abandoned Space Station? if you happen to be heading to a different planet in space and you spot a abandoned Space Station you can thrust your way there and loot resources and artifacts found. Also since you already have dead corpse in the game with the option to loot it, why not add dead corpse to the Space Station to? Or to add to the idea, why not let it have a unique roll in the game? once stumbling upon a space station, it will be covered with debris and other unwanted stuff. Your job is to restore it to its full glory, Eg. Clean the area, repair the solar panels. After all of that the Space Station will be fully functional and can collect power from the sun, monitor planets in terms of weather (useful for multiplayer), can send heavy power usage bots to go collect resources (more rare the resource the less you will get, also will have a long charge), and maybe contain some modules that you can build at base. Hope this can spark some ideas. Happy Gaming, Noob (sorry for grammar mistakes or spelling, to lazy to check over)
  13. OS: Windows 10 Open through: Steam Version: Controlling through: Mouse and Keyboard ________________________________ Hello, fellow Astroneer player here I was playing around with tethers and I realized that half of my tethers were missing, where did they go? they disappeared. When you drag and drop or shift+left a tether into your backpack/inventory they disappear if its already been occupied by a resource. They only successfully transfer if its empty or pre-occupied with a tether. Sorry its short, this is my first report. Thanks, Noob