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    Multiplayer Lag Glitch

    I was in my friend's server (he was the host and he has pretty fast internet, about 200Mb/s download speed but I am unsure about the upload speed), so it was just the two of us. My internet is meh (about 20Mb/s average download speed, 5.54Mb/s). I experience teleporting glitches while I am driving, but he does not. Once, my rover went crazy and the vehicle and I teleported pretty far from base. Oh, and to the sky . The rover stayed stuck in space while I fell back down, but I didn't die for some reason. It took a while to get that rover back. (my friend building up) (me falling down)
  2. I was in a cave in singleplayer, I was fairly far from base. I accidentally clicked on a tether which moved it a little. Then, the whole line stopped receiving oxygen and I died of suffocation. Once I replaced the first tether in the line (nearest to the base), it fixed it.