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  1. Steam just reboot had not fixed the error with me. Even restarting the PC has brought nothing. Had then the game uninstalled and again downloaded. This has not brought anything. Only when I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Steam, Astroneer started normally. Have just played a few hours ago: D Gladly I am still ready when I can help. By the way - Sorry for my bad English. ^^
  2. Actually, it always asks. Then I have to say honestly I do not know what the error was. But thank you again for your help
  3. So after I reinstalled Steam, the game starts again without problems. No matter if I play at SteamOnline or in offline mode. It was probably something with Steam. Can be that I had an old version of Steam. Everything good again, the game is running and makes mega much fun: D
  4. Thanks for your reply, but that's exactly what I did first. Had not worked. Have now steam uninstalled and reinstalled. Now it's running again. But thank you to all of you for your help. This is a super support. : D Then Let's Play can finally go "I'm already on it" Greeting Nator
  5. There is something wrong with the update, which ran before it without problems.
  6. I have since the last update the problem the Astroneer no longer starts. After clicking on "PLAY" a small window opens in which I can choose how to start Astroneer. Whether in full screen or window mode. No matter what I select then the window (see screenshot) in the Astroneer tries to start with parameters. I have set with Steam in the settings but NO start parameters. No matter if I click on "OK" or "CANCEL" Astroneer does not start. What's the mistake? Before the update I could play smoothly without problems. I had planned a Let's Play to Astroneer, but now I can not record it. Hope it can