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    Improved Beacons

    Hi all, I'm rather new to this forum but like all of you, my girlfriend and I stumbled upon this amazing game and we haven't been able to put it down since. My idea is pretty simple. I would really like if there was some way of customizing beacons. I have this (not so) crazy idea that I want to connect the entire planet, but when you go just a little too far you lose track of where your base is. No matter we can put down a trail of beacons, and this works really well when going in a straight line But if you want to map out your exploration a bit more than just a single line, now all of a sudden its really easy to get confused as to which beacon leads back to the base. The way I have currently solved this is with a system of self-made mini-mountains a little apart with a beacon on each, and then for each "ring" I go out further I have to add to the previous rings, that way I always know which "ring" I am on.. but this gets kind of silly when you start hitting the 5th ring and you need 5 beacons in each of the points in the inner ring. So yeah, the simple TLDR: Improved / customizable beacons to allow for further exploration. (Side note: It would also be really nice if there was a way of differentiating between Habitats put on a planet so you knew where you wanted to land )