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  1. I was collecting resources on the side of a mountain and I fell in the hole that I made. I then was filling it up to get out by holding the alt key and I filled in the hole while I was still in it. I then could see all of the caves and 'fly' underground.
  2. I was just thinking about how awesome it would be to have something like the NASA space shuttle, but more high-tech (by this i mean it wouldn't have the detachable fuel tanks). You could get the different parts for it from research (engine, wing, chassis, cockpit, storage) and then put them together to make the space shuttle. It would take a lot of hydrazine to fully fuel. This space shuttle would go well with other star systems and maybe the planets of the starting star system could be more spread out. The shuttle would have something like a Star Trek warp drive to get to other planets and st