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  1. Unable to power the last gate on Glacio due to all of them being doubled up. The last one is just at that right depth inside the other that it prevents the connection from the truck to power it. What can be done to fix it?
  2. This has been a bug to follow me since it was in beta. No matter what I try to do to save my audio setting. They reset to default every time I reopen the game. Back in beta I tried changed and applying setting. Now I do it both within just the main menu as well as inside a save file.
  3. My biggest problem lately with any wheel based vehicle is them either not moving forwards once I'm in the driver seat or in the case of the tractor forever moves forwards no matter what I do. It's gotten so bad that I just quit the game in frustration.
  4. Not sure how it happened or exactly when. I noticed it while I was down mining for ore. It seems as the solar panel parts of the solar dishes have become disconnected from the tubes. One floats below the connection spot. The other way above it. Very odd but they still work. I haven't tried reloading the game since it's not game breaking. Just wanted to let ya guys know.
  5. I would love to be able to smooth edges when trying to dig down. With the low FPS trying to shape a ramp into a cave has lead to many deaths and one rage quit. So smoothing the area would help. Please add this feature.
  6. So I finally started my own little area instead of teaming up with my friend. Upon making a few oxygen tanks I went exploring further. I noticed one of my tanks was empty it and would not refill when I was tethered. I looked at it and it no longer stated it was a tank but instead it thought itself a tether. After saving and reloading the game it still comes up as tethers. I've attached a screenshot of the tether o2 tank bug. Thanks for reading and so far love the game.