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  1. Please hurry In fixing the frame rate , not to be mean or anything but I can't play it at this point I built a base on each planets and now it's so slow it's impossible to play I've just been waiting for a patch for the last 2 weeks wanting to play it but can't , this is my major limiting factor in playing it or not again not to be mean but if the fps is not fixed I'm not playing it, I hate starting a new save file
  2. I find the radiated planet has massive non stop wind so wind generators are Op on it
  3. Omg yes they need something to help with the Frames per second it hurts to play at this point every time I make a new base on diffrent planets the lag gets stronger its at the point where I can't even play the game
  4. Very confused in what the glitch is , it won't let me see the vid too all I see is empty fuel canisters
  5. Ever since the recent update it's been doing this to me too they did something with the land physics barrier being more inwards or something
  6. I built a base on each planet and I've been getting more lag per base built its pretty annoying it's almost unplayable at this point
  7. Copper is brown..... its just metallicly reflective
  8. I find they need to make coal more abundant, it's up there with lithium and titanium and only does what a couple wind vanes and solar panels can do infinity, not to mention if you have a lot of base batteries generators are even more useless I find I only use the small generator because I have nothing else to do with organic material
  9. I think I'd be cool if there was a building that you can make to help make an o2 atmosphere, which could be like a goal to the game to make planets habitable you would need to build a certain amount of them for diffrent planet sizes and they would require titanium or some other rare resource that could be added like say 50-100 of them around the globe not in the same radius tho then you can explore the planet without an oxygen tank unless you go deep underground where there's poisonous gasses sorry I forgot to add idea as a tag and I couldn't delete the old one
  10. Lol don't travel to space with all that cargo on your trucks I find my vehicles tend to fall through the ground when I come back from another planet
  11. Could make copper a nice dark brown and aluminum near silver white
  12. Lol on Xbox the options only allows you to invert your looking axis I find they need to add more on it
  13. I find the telescope idea to be great to add especially if you have 2 vehicle ports in one base i sometimes end up smooshing my other vehicles because I go into the wrong vehicle bay
  14. I plus 1 this i find generators seem to be pointless to use and this could make them more of a usable thing