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  1. i am guilty. i used a spaceship with 2 large storages on it. i attached a habitat and a ton of resources (resin, compound, copper & aluminium) to colonize the arid planet. it's a "one-fly-job" this way. you dont have to go back to terran/barren and refill the resin & compound storages that fast.
  2. thank you. i was searching something liket that. is there a possibility to go more in detail in the future? i'm checking where i can extremly farm compound and resin. i think this is also common in barrens 2nd layer. when you dig you can find alot of them. i think this is also important for a guide. on radiated, exotic and arid i didn't found much of compound (sometimes a little bit of resin). on arid i never found compound. i allway brought it from barren. do somebody knows exactly how to farm a large amount of compound the easiest? is it terran or barren?
  3. I absolutley understand point one. i read things that have nothing to do with this game and some people are posting them as feature suggestion but why no large storage on shuttles? or 2 large storages on spaceship? if you do that and add 1 habitat to control the space ship you win more cargo space than attaching a command pod directly :). i use the shuttle with 3 storages on the 3 large storage connectors and 1 habitat. otherwise i could only bring 1 large storage to another planet. this is way more effective :D. and i can use the habitat to create a new base (and use the materials f
  4. please don't add hunger. astroneer is a beautifull compact game with an awesome gameplay. don't destroy it with hunger/thirst or something like that. i would recommend not to add everything (content, support, sci-fi-mod-parts) every kiddy whines for. it has to be well planned. see minecraft: awesome indie-game. awesome compact gameplay. they added hunger and a ton of stuff nobody uses. it destroyed the flair of minecraft in the beginning (played alpha there). its not the same now. it changed complete (for me in a way that i don't like that much). i hope it will not