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  1. On 5/29/2020 at 4:02 PM, Thw0rted said:

    I added the port number to Engine.ini and in AstroServerSettings.ini I set the PublicIP, ServerName, and OwnerName.  I changed nothing else, clicked "Launch" from inside Steam, and I have AstroServer and AstroServer-Win64-Shipping in my task manager.  I actually came here to ask if there's an official / graceful way to have it shut down, rather than just killing the task.

    this is working for me. you have to connect to the server with the IP&Port. No DNS Names are possible. It has to be the ip with the port and then its working.

    you cant connect with your internal network  ip. you have to "go out into the internet, and come back via your opened por" :D


    i was playing with a buddy connected from the internet.

  2. 16 hours ago, dominik_andreas said:

    seems to work using steamcmd. 

    after installing steamcmd, open steamcmd in a terminal / commandline and execute the following:

    login anonymous
    force_install_dir <your preferred installation directory>
    app_update 728470

    Your game will then be downloaded in the given directory. It needs to download ~1.7GB and shouldn't take long with a decent connection. Unfortunately I don't know how to actually run it yet. When I run one of the binaries it just quits without any message or logs..

    download worked.

    i added the port to engine.ini and i did the publicip entry in the config ini. i also added a servername and an owner to it.

    i have 2 processes running:




    nothing is working. i can't connect via dns name, publicip, internal network ip.

    very strange.


    edit: portforwarding is active. similar to minecraftserver which is working. so portforwarding should be correct.

  3. 29 minutes ago, Mirosya said:

    The developers suggest using someone else's dedicated server (Nitrado Game Server), for which you need to pay money - monthly payment.
    And all of the fact that the local cooperative has problems, then, in fact, nothing has changed with the last patch.

    you should read everything. they have dedicated servers to rent hosted by a partner and there is the possibility to create your own dedicated server. but this is linked to steam... but i cant find it.

  4. Hi

    I cant find the "Astroneer Dedicated Server" in my Tools in Steam. I got the servers and SDKs for many other games but Astroneer is missing. Do I have to add it?

    And using it in Steam means that we have to run the server on the "Gaming Machine" (I have Steam on that one) but I would prefer to use a dedicated server on my own server (next to me :D) which is running all the time.

    Is ther nothing like an exe or zip to run a dedicated server on complete gaming server setups (without Steam)? Like it is possible for Rust or Minecraft.


  5. 22 hours ago, Gina said:

    I know.  I know.  Seems like they had a rather full day, and some of team has been away on vacation ahead of PAX so I'm sure they're feeling the pressure.  I don't expect to see the stream before PAX anymore.  Who knows when it'll be.  But as far as we know, the Vlog, the Announcement, the Update and the update's trailer are still on, so keep a look out for those things.  

    Joe sent us a leek as penance, though.

    hyped :D

  6. the problem is still there with 1.0.4.

    i removed all the videos and it works. but i am not able to have other programs open at the same time. i often watch twitch or youtube on the second screen. everytime a video change or an ad will be shown astro.exe crashes without a error message.

    sometimes it crashes without a reason or message. i think its in combination with a very new system with a 2080ti and the actual nvidia drivers...

    it's playable but not perfect.

  7. 11 hours ago, Arcturus said:

    KingPhantom please open a new thread, your issue is not exactly the same as mine.   


    Also Game is not fixed anymore, crashing issue is back.   I made zero changes to my system and now Astroneer crashes just before the solar system loading part.   I am pretty frustrated with Astroneer at this point.   I have zero issues with other games, so I can not understand what the issue could possibly be.  Repair via steam does not help.  I know the devs are busy but I would appreciate it if they would work with me on this.  I have not had any crashes with any of the other previous versions of the game.   Here are my updated files since updating to win 10 build 1809.





    i think its the same.

    i tried your fix. game starts but can you please test something for me?

    open the game (stay in menu or somewhere). then go to youtube and click on a video. when the video starts playing astro.exe crashes


  8. 1 hour ago, KingPhantom said:

    i have the same problems. win10 is up2date. i will try to find updates manually.

    i will reinstall astroneer also.

    have this with other games too (jurassic world evolutions) but most of the other games are running (pubg, roe, apex legends etc)

    i use the actual geforce driver with a 2080 ti

    i updated everything and reinstalled astroneer incl. deleting appdata folder.... i just can see the systemera logo and then it crashes to desktop :(


    here is my dxdiag.txt

  9. i have a start with no research objects near my base... so i cant even unlock the connectors for further travel... :(


    the costs are ok i think. with the new bases you have to build up multiple research labs for more bytes.

  10. On 8.3.2017 at 9:51 AM, Wyvyrias said:

    Did you try it with a controller? I don't have one right now, so I can't, but I assume the current controls are made in a way that Xbox One players can actually properly control them, too. Which means the current controls are a compromise until they manage to implement an option to change between 2 control types.

    Btw technically they move in the direction of the wheels, but the steering is linked to your camera. From my PoV it's almost exactly like the Halo controls (but we had such discussions already).

    yup. its cool with a controller. i often switch to the controller when i drive. the controls are not a problem. other games than astroneer has gone this way of controlling a vehicle. i just can quote my post above. the weight of the rover and the truck are the problem. they are not stable. most of the time i race the truck und drag an upsidedown rover behind me, making all the time anoying noises :D

  11. the steering is not a problem. i like it too as it is different. but with a bit practice it can be very funny. just never panic when driving next to the abbyss :D

    what my problem is, is that the rover has the weight of 2 feathers... i flip EVERY 5 seconds. i started to skip the rover and go for the truck. the truck is a little bit heavier (+2 feathers) and flips just every 20 seconds.

  12. 12 minutes ago, ammo77 said:

    I did not see any fixes for MP where's The Love?? 

    its a great update but i also hoped to get some improvements in MP. i wrecked all rovers of my brother in his safe (was 1 day before release).

    but i have a good feeling in the future about this. it will be awesome in MP.

  13. cool video. thank you.

    i had the same problems with blowing up a small node. its not possible. as i managed to click on the dynamite it just blows the terrain. i think you can blow up stuff when you extend to the module-mode. so insert 2 resins and blow it up. should work :)

  14. i really welcome the seeds. this is much better than only dropping them to the ground.

    i did a little farm with the spikers near my base. died already by petting them :D:D:D

    seeds will start grow when you pick them up and place them. if you let them they will do nothing. i would love to have this with the cloud-spitters too.


    edit: as seeds have the same icon as organic i would really love to put them into the small backpack generators!

  15. 11 hours ago, Megatron said:
    1. When you collect resources it directly fills slots on the vehicle which is great and a reason I like using it, however I have found in nearly impossible to get it just right so that I have collected a complete unit but not gone over into another. The reason this is a problem is that the resource occupies that space and can not be removed until it is a full unit which leads me to having several spots on my vehicle storage permanently occupied by partial units of resources that I can't get off. This is especially frustrating when it is Organic which I have yet to find a use for... I'm not sure what the solution is here... maybe it is like the terrain tool which only stores it when it is a full unit or maybe you can take the partial units off and discard them if you would like but it seem like there has to be a better way.

    yes this is a problem. but i just use a truck base, one small storage and the crane with drill. so i mine as long as i need to fill the storage. after that the 2 slots on the crane are filled. when both are not complete i search for one of the resources. the other plops out when everything is full. so when you fill the complete truck you only have on "unfinished" stack on the crane. and that's not a big deal.

    when you have a storage with one or more unfinished stacks just fill all slots with something and put it on the truck (next to the 1-seat). go for the same resource and fill the stack. when its full it automaticly switch to the crane slot and put the new resources there letting the finished stack in the storage. so i was able to clean multiple storages with unfinished stacks.

    it's probably a bug but its possible to handle

  16. 42 minutes ago, Crash Override said:

    You can just use OBS to record locally with voice/camera if you want. It does pretty good on its own.

    i also use OBS. But i really dislike that i cant simple select the audio sources. Its the "master out" with everything in it. I want do disable teamspeak and only stream the game video and audio. its possible but not easy to do :(

  17. 37 minutes ago, piespace said:

    See you in like 3 months when this game has more content and more stuff is fixed.

    You sound like the type of person that shouldn't be playing Pre-Alpha games.


    best post i saw since ages! thank you! :):):) really had to laugh :D