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  1. KingPhantom

    Astroneer Dedicatd Server in Steam

    this is working for me. you have to connect to the server with the IP&Port. No DNS Names are possible. It has to be the ip with the port and then its working. you cant connect with your internal network ip. you have to "go out into the internet, and come back via your opened por" i was playing with a buddy connected from the internet.
  2. KingPhantom

    Astroneer Dedicatd Server in Steam

    download worked. i added the port to engine.ini and i did the publicip entry in the config ini. i also added a servername and an owner to it. i have 2 processes running: Astro.exe AstroServer.exe nothing is working. i can't connect via dns name, publicip, internal network ip. very strange. edit: portforwarding is active. similar to minecraftserver which is working. so portforwarding should be correct.
  3. KingPhantom

    Astroneer Dedicatd Server in Steam

    you should read everything. they have dedicated servers to rent hosted by a partner and there is the possibility to create your own dedicated server. but this is linked to steam... but i cant find it.
  4. Hi I cant find the "Astroneer Dedicated Server" in my Tools in Steam. I got the servers and SDKs for many other games but Astroneer is missing. Do I have to add it? And using it in Steam means that we have to run the server on the "Gaming Machine" (I have Steam on that one) but I would prefer to use a dedicated server on my own server (next to me :D) which is running all the time. Is ther nothing like an exe or zip to run a dedicated server on complete gaming server setups (without Steam)? Like it is possible for Rust or Minecraft. Thx!
  5. KingPhantom

    How to share your Astroneer crash report

    I updated the Nvidia GeForce Ready Game Driver to version 436.30 from 09/10/2019 today and now it crashes. I've sent all requested logs from the start post (hope it's still the actual way) to SystemEra. thank you!
  6. the problem is still there with 1.0.4. i removed all the videos and it works. but i am not able to have other programs open at the same time. i often watch twitch or youtube on the second screen. everytime a video change or an ad will be shown astro.exe crashes without a error message. sometimes it crashes without a reason or message. i think its in combination with a very new system with a 2080ti and the actual nvidia drivers... it's playable but not perfect.
  7. i still have random crashes when the computer has background tasks (youtube on firefox, teamspeak, steam updating)....
  8. i think its the same. i tried your fix. game starts but can you please test something for me? open the game (stay in menu or somewhere). then go to youtube and click on a video. when the video starts playing astro.exe crashes
  9. found out: i have dual screen and on the second screen was youtube running. everytime a video change or an ad appears it crashes astroner on the other screen (in compatibility mode).... very strange... it has something to do with youtube in firefox. i tested it with one screen but there are the same problems.
  10. it worked with compatibility mode "vista sp2" on astro.exe
  11. i updated everything and reinstalled astroneer incl. deleting appdata folder.... i just can see the systemera logo and then it crashes to desktop here is my dxdiag.txt
  12. i have the same problems. win10 is up2date. i will try to find updates manually. i will reinstall astroneer also. have this with other games too (jurassic world evolutions) but most of the other games are running (pubg, roe, apex legends etc) i use the actual geforce driver with a 2080 ti
  13. KingPhantom

    How to share your Astroneer crash report

    Game crashes on start. Seems to be a problem with the NVIDIA driver and the 2080 Ti... I got some games with the same problems. All with crashes on startup
  14. KingPhantom

    Unlocking stuff

    i have a start with no research objects near my base... so i cant even unlock the connectors for further travel... the costs are ok i think. with the new bases you have to build up multiple research labs for more bytes.