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  1. Awesome idea! How about in addition to this, a side car that can be attached to the bike's slot and is built from the vehicle bay, much like the other vehicle-exclusive seats in the game?
  2. I personally don't think it would become any less "casual" with everything that's been mentioned here. But that's an opinion. What I do know is that the ability to have unlimited fuel and therefore unlimited resources after having researched and built the fuel condenser takes at least some of the fun out of the game for a portion of the player-base, otherwise there wouldn't have been a post about it prior to this one, and not so many people would be down with the idea of fixing what's "broken." It's not like the game would be any harder, since they wouldn't have to change the spawn rate of Hyd
  3. Exploring the planet, we see a bunch of debris from crashes and whatnot. How about some real-time crashes? Meteors and stuff come down not too far away, pretty rarely, and then our base's radar system or whatever picks it up and throws out a beacon indicator for us. Sounds like a fun way to add more travel dynamic to the game.
  4. That actually sounds like a great idea. It would add a great dynamic to the game where you'd really want to be thoughtful about what you're spending your resources on. It would make the extra capacity for hydrazine a possible trade-off rather than something you need to make as soon as possible. Recycling adds a whole new bag of considerations though. If recycling yields back exactly what you put into the item in the first place, I could see it being abused. If anything, I'd say they'd have to make every tank more expensive in that case not to also be potentially game breaking as well, so that
  5. And I think it goes without saying, that when putting fuel into your spaceship only the fuel is consumed and not the canister. Sorry for double post, it won't let me edit for some reason...
  6. So there's a thread about hydrazine farming and then trading it for basically unlimited resources as long as you have power, and I had an idea to fix it. I would have posted this there, but I had a bunch more ideas, and I thought it was appropriate to start a new topic. So here's my idea for the farm fix plus more: Make the hydrazine canister a crafted item, and when mining hydrazine without one in your backpack, it will give solid hydrazine that can't be used on a spaceship or shuttle (more on that later). It should be a generally expensive item to create (the canister) so that tr