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  1. Hello I created a post that talks about a project to improve the game at the construction level but above all an idea is all described and if you want more details you will provide the post call '' Construction of habitats ? BioDome? '' It is normally on the first page! it's here:
  2. Yes!It would be necessary that the game be a little more develloper with some animals and some nasty creature of the kind not too aggressive, and a weapon that remains in spirit of the game. Already in 8 hours of game you will have made every visit every planet, especially when you play with friends!
  3. [To desolate in advance of my vocabulary in English] Hello,Game creator and Player I introduce myself kiralefaucheur and I would like to propose to you an idea that trots me in the head! For me the game Astroneer this situates in a future close to the genre 2030 maximum (with the March mission that prepares it, if you have not heard speak) So I would like this game to evolve to the maximum being a games sandbox and survival open world in space. I would like to propose an idea to be able to build his house,But not just copy the building creation system like Rust or the ARK game.